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 on: Today at 01:23:13 PM 
Started by tonyH - Last Post by Akira
Tony, I am happy to help. I hope it eases your search.Jonathan

 on: Today at 01:13:01 PM 
Started by leaky - Last Post by leaky
The area under the deck is really quite dis-coloured it's similar to smoke damage i wonder if the ambient heat has sort of de gassed the plastic where there is no gloss coat.

 on: Today at 12:41:43 PM 
Started by Baldrick - Last Post by derekwarner_decoy
'Labour (7 hours @ 10 hour') are selling yourself short Baldrick. 8) ....

What is the size of the 6x bolt heads in the Bollard mounting plate?............ Derek

 on: Today at 12:29:46 PM 
Started by Baldrick - Last Post by Baldrick

  And the cable winch.

 on: Today at 12:23:19 PM 
Started by Neil - Last Post by Arrow5
The late aerosole* Keith Schellenberg, Olympic bob sledder, vintage car racing driver/collector  , pillock, hooray Henry etc etc. He who ran the Isle of Eigg like his personal fiefdom much to the distress of the islanders, owned the Schaarnhorn yacht for a while. I saw it docked in a north-east Scottish port, maybe Buckie.  He also owned the Brooklands circuit lap record holder car, the Barnato-Hassan Bentley , an 8 litre supercharged monster. He took it to the Rest and be thankful hill-climb, a sledgehammer to crack a peanut. Failed.  BTW the islanders on muck still  %) don't know who torched his vintage 1927 Rolls-Royce fire engine hack/shooting brake /runabout.    Pron. "aerosol" is spoken with a Swedish accent.   *The above descriptions are recorded in a court case he was involved in so non libelous... it was the judge that said some of them.

 on: Today at 12:18:31 PM 
Started by raflaunches - Last Post by Bob K

At least it beats freezing in the Falklands !   You seem to get posted from one extreme to the other.   %%

 on: Today at 11:57:06 AM 
Started by raflaunches - Last Post by raflaunches
Hi Neil

The ouchie is a seed pod with viscous spikes on them. They are that sharp that they puncture mountain bike tyres! We spend about 10 minutes pulling them out of our boots every day!

 on: Today at 10:37:44 AM 
Started by hammer - Last Post by hammer
Still working on paddle box. waiting for glue to dry. So finished the companion ways. Open & shut. Also the platform for helmsman. P.S. the scupper only had one coat of paint grain must be filled.

 on: Today at 10:19:51 AM 
Started by B.B - Last Post by B.B
Hi  dreadnought72 ,yes correct  saves sanding into the edge and messing up  :-)) .Photo 1- Planking her hull.          2- last stealer plank on her port side.          3- All her ribs in and starting to install the shelving.          4- Laying the 1mm ply ( before laying the deck cover strips and decking  :-) .......

 on: Today at 09:32:09 AM 
Started by SailorGreg - Last Post by SailorGreg
It may have been in Model Boats magazine.Roy

Bingo! That was it. September issue has it in the Wanted column.



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