Spotted in Port Louis, Mauritius.... anyone know anything about her?
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The "mystery" ship you inquired about is a Guardian class Chilean Coast Guard Ship.  Launched 6 Dec 1995,
Commissioned 10 May 1995.  Built at ASMAR's Talcahuano Yard in Chile.  1,650 displacement, 22 knots.  4-3516
Caterpillar diesels and a bow thruster.  
I happen to have it from a "James" book.  I saw the photo and said, " I know that ship."  I believe it's the only one in it's class.    
My guess is that "he who has the coolest looking navy wins?"  That's my guess since it supposedly only carries a 40mm Bofors. 
 Thank you by the way for your web site.  It's been a big help.  I just moved to the Cambridgeshire area and had no idea of clubs
or some events. - - Phill
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