Brian Clark's -  Susan Constant - 1/24 scale


Hi Martin,
Just a line with a few photographs, of the No. 2 ... Model I have just started - H.M.S. Killingworth - 1/24 scale. ( You can see H.M.S. Killingworth in scale here)

After ironing out problems of control & operating " H.M.S. Killingworth " I wanted to build a true plank on frame model in same scale ... 1/24th. But make the mechanics simpler yet as positive for lake sailing.

The Model Ship chosen was called
" Susan Constant " A merchantman of 1505. Its the historical ship that took the colonists to start " Jamestown " in America 1507.

Using Hi-Tech servo winches with home made toothed belt drums, These will power the large pulley's
that drive shafts mounted ( inside ) the masts ... (The toothed belts & drums plundered from model Helicopter tail rotor drives ). The Idea is to sort out & build all accessories and complicated parts before hull construction ...

When building the Hull one cannot get moved in a small shed. The drawings and templates were cut first, For checking installation & travel of working parts ! ............To be continued.

.......................Regards Brian

With me just starting the second sailing model "Susan Constant " I thought there might be some interest in the book that gave me the Drawings - Plans - Information for the build. All you require if looking for a new modelling subject ! The copy goes into great detail of the ships History - Layout - Fittings & Guns.

I have now bench tested the winches, Running the large pulleys at a scale speed. Turning the yards via shafts inside the masts. They are very powerful ... The aluminium frames, Will have large holes drilled in later for less weight.

Piranha Pine Masts - Bowsprit & most of the yards are quartered in section, Then laminated together. This overcomes the tendency to bend out of true, a suggestion given to me by a friend builder, Mike Taylor when starting " Killingworth "


  PART 2   

Hi Martin, I have now completed the Six off Sails, Fitted with the Bolt Ropes & Cringles. The Bolt ropes do give the sails a nice curve when hung. Masts are finished with 50% Satin Poly Varnish, Then sanded with wire wool to get rid of the shine.  Then black rope bands fitted. Finally a matt white paint band round the Tops. Mast footings are now fitted to the Servo Plates with the large drive wheel turning the yard. When driving the yard it works in a nice slow & smooth scale speed.

 The mast is bolted onto two pillars fixed to the Servo frame  and held fast ! ... The large wheel rotates under the top frame, driving a crank arm that goes into bearings up and inside mast. Coming out with a short arm to carry the yard ... The mast does not rotate. The Idea is to conseal all the mechanics ... But have a simple & positive control. The Idea has been done many times before, but the drive shaft was outside & in front of the mast.

Next ... Thinking about making Jigs for three sizes of Blocks & two sizes of dead eyes !


  PART 3   

Hi Martin , Just a line to let you know how far on I am with the building of "Susan".

As you know she was going to be rather large to build so I kept the hull construction till last .This let me complete the masts - sails & fittings first ! With plenty room in the 12' by 8' work shop. The Timber Supplier for the Hull was my friend Steve Pickering of Dumfries, Who is also marketing Chylds Hall Model Shipyard. The timbers ... Pitch pine for the keel - Tulip wood for the frames.

All timber was beautifully dressed 6" by 1/2" planks cut to order ! All the cut frames & keel  are only made to test fit together ... As the building will have to stop now for approx 18 months. We are leaving the U.K. for a while to live in Phuket Thailand ... On a long visit to live with our three sons living with their families ... But on our return "Susan" will be completed!
.............. Regards Brian.


   PART  4 

Hi Martin,

I just Thought Model Boat Mayhem might want an update on the Killingworth ?
Can you remember me, Brian … and the Model  H.M. S. Killingworth,    Also the No. two Model I was making ( The Susan Constant )… from about six year ago ? My sailing  & building was stopped because,  My three Sons with families plus  Me & wife left England to Live here in Thailand !
While getting established then building a Villa … The Killingworth  &  Susan Model … had lain packed in an aluminium container for a few years, Waiting for the workshop  to be completed.  

Since starting modeling again over the last 3 months … I have re-fitted  better Hi Tech R.C. … Making control much easier. Since my Son Philip running  ( ) gave suggestions & advice before sailing her last week,  for the first time in Thailand. She is quite a job to launch,  because all lakes here have very steep sides … And I have to use the launching trolley which has been modified with a carrying handle at both ends. The under  keel  ballast tube weighs 45 lbs.  Now the controls are only … Rudder … Engines … Jib Sails … And Driver Sail.    Main mast Sails are linked to Fore mast Sails. She has Lights … on Main Mast … Cabins’ … & under the Cuddy. She is fully scaled down on all controls … even the turning of the ships steering  wheel & tiller move in scale. …

I am still working on how to get a better White Smoke on firing the guns … Here in Thailand they are very much into fireworks & easy to obtain., So there is another option !
 I have also been able to re-start on the Hull.   All masts … Sails … & small fittings I made in England including the Keel & Ribs.  As the Hull construction was intended to be built in Thailand. The Hulls timber selection is all from England,  concealed as a long shelf in the container.  In Thailand you cannot import timber !

One Question I was asked while in England ….  Why did I not take pictures from a very low angle to make it more life like?  The Reason was ….  With having a camera in one hand & Learning to Sail her by myself took full concentration …

I will keep Mayhem in touch as the build continues.

…………… Regards  ……. Brian.



       See my  H.M.S. Killingworth