Paul Cook -

One of my latest and most enjoyable boats I have done recently has been the Kyosho RC Surfer.

This roughly 1/6th Scale fun model I had seen these at various shows but did not buy one, I was in a local model shop (before I was working for Hobby-Stores). There was just one on the shelf, so I bought it, it is the best impulse buys I have ever had!!

The model is 2 channel and is powered by a 500 size motor on 6 x 3000 mAH cells, the actual running time at full power is around 9 minutes, but I can be on the surf for around 12 minutes.

The "model" creates a lot of comment from onlookers at the beach whenever I run him, even real surfers have seen and laughed at my surfer with amazement at the performance and stability from such a model even in wave of 3ft (1 metre) high, I have run him in larger waves with no problem.

I will let the pictures below do the talking for me and my little surfer man, the pictures of him jumping the waves are not trick and are 100% real shots!