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Robbe Najade.

Here's a few lines on the Najade, I recently sold.

This is one of Robbe's 1st "all inclusive kits", including the model, all drive train including prop and motor and couplings together with scale fittings.

All the builder needs to do is follow the instructions, add radio gear and batteries and water (even paint is optional).

The Hull and superstructure are of top class ABS ( Robbe call it Plura ) construction, very light weight, and very strong .

Personally I found the instructions easy to follow, though I think you should have had a couple of kits built under your belt before attempting this one.

Follow them precisely and there is no problem,

But you MUST use Stabilit Express as the main adhesive.

Ordinary epoxy resin heats up in a chemical reaction and will melt the abs ! You HAVE been warned !

The Najade can be powered with either Ni cds OR 6V 7 ah Gel cell ( lead acids). Personally I found gels the best, you must run them in series, to give a minimum of 12v to the motor, anything less and she just won't plane on the surface.

Also, even though the motor ( 700BB) IS water-cooled you do need a beefy esc, I'd recommend a 30 amp + model and DO FIT A FUSE ! ( trust me on this !)

On water, she is superb, acceleration to full throttle is stunning, she banks into the turns beautifully just like any full size.

Najade is an excellent semi scale model, that will give you around 30 mins run time with the 2 lead acids detailed above. If you like luxury cruisers you'll love the Najade !

Happy Sailing

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