Steve Beasley the "masked modeller...."


Model Slipway  HMCC Sentinel 1/40 scale.

I always fancied this kit, she looks imposing to my mind, and can imagine she looks real menacing to any drug smuggler in our coastal waters.

Her Majesty's Customs Cutter again follows Model Slipways "recipe" for kits, styrene, glass fibre  hull and loads of white metal fittings, though this time the styrene is of all printed sheet type. There also  numerous etched brass parts which are exquisite.

I found the building of this model quite easy, ( NO,  not for beginners!)
She is twin screw, runs on a 7.2 v battery pack, I found her sailing duration
 a little disappointing, around 15 minutes or so. This is because she is a
very lightweight model and the 7.2 v do  not have the duration of Gel cells
which are too heavy for this vessel.

That said, she gives a spectacular bow wave, and a great turn of speed, however, I feel Not  a boat for sailing on windy days! She has a high sided superstructure and essentially sails  ala warship style.

Overall, she really does emulate the full-size very effectively and looks  stunning  on the water.

Regretfully I only have "terra firma" pictures of her, she was sold on soon
after completion to help finance the next project !

Steve ?
- The Masked Writer !