A quiet weekend ( FA cup final - I'm not a football fan but what a great match & Grand prix ) but well
attended and All Ron new models and kits on display as well as some excellent builders models. One of the
models that immediately stood out to me was Bob Magg's - HMS Starling.

"Hi all,
My name is Bob Maggs and I belong to Corby MBC, Anglia Marine MBC, Wicksteed MBC
HMS STARLING was a BLACK SWAN SLOOP and was the flagship of Captain John Walker part of a flotilla of six ships, it's job to hunt and kill U boats. Starling participated in the sinking of 13 U boats
The model is 1/48th scale 75inslg &91/4 wide the hull & plans were from Fleetscale and some fittings from Sirmar. Motors are MFA TORPEDO 800 on two channels. The model has lights and a smoke unit supplied by JJC electronics. All three of the 4in HA  guns turn and fire (sound) also the 4 twin 20mm Oerlikon guns turn and fire (sound) it also has anti submarine warfare sound, ASDEC, hedgehog depth charge  thrower (splash
and explosion) depth charge rolled of the back splash and explosion. Destroyer module which gives destroyer siren and ships bell. The sound system was designed and supplied by JJC electronics. The model still has to be completed, but has been on the water a few times."
Regards Bob. 


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