Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition
Donnington Park - October 2004

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  I much enjoyed last years show (Photos here) of the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition  show at  Donnington Park (near Birmingham) so was again looking forward to this years show - it didn't disappoint!

I've split the photos into 3 sections, the general show, the Imara & the Seawell. Just the Imara & the Seawell were worth the entrance fee on there own!!

No boat traders there at all this year so I had to hunt around the Proops stand to spend my money!

Sorry about quality of some of the pictures, it was darker in the hall than it appeared!

Seawell - my favourite model boat of the show.

Steam & Computes mixed into an Imara.

Best model - not a boat!
Best feat of Engineering - Jet power train!?!?!

All the best -
( If any of the comments on the photos aren't quite correct, please email me a correction - Mayhem )