Northwich Memorial Hall, Northwich 2006

Following the cancellation of the Ellesmere Port show in March, it was decided at short notice to put on a show over the Easter weekend, Sunday 16th & Monday 17th April. The venue was Northwich Memorial Hall, Northwich, Cheshire, and what a great venue it turned out to be for both the public and traders alike. Free parking, easy access. hot & cold refreshments, and a return to the good old days of only 2.50 entrance fee which was greatly welcomed by one and all.

      At the helm to organise this event were the two Marks from A Model World, known to many throughout the hobby, and what a great job they did. Twenty one traders, including many household names from all over the country, were in attendance to provide the crowds who came to the show over the two days every opportunity to stock up on modelling 'bits & pieces' or perhaps to purchase a new spring project.

The photographs accompanying these few words were taken just prior to opening as once the doors opened it was like the start of the Grand National, a sea of people making it impossible to get a clear photograph of the stands.

The event was a great success and well done to Mark W & Mark V. Already people are asking,
"When's the next one!!"

Graham O.

To the casual observer it may seem that this photograph is out of focus. The truth is that business on the A Model World stand was so brisk requiring the boys to move at such great speed that they and their immediate  surroundings are unable to be seen clearly by the naked eye!