Montaigu Model Show - Paris - April 2006

Hi Martin,
I live in France and very much enjoy the Mayhem site and so here is a small contribution. I hope the pictures turn out OK as I am no photographer or computer whiz!

Here in the Department of La Vendee (85) on the Atlantic coast there is considerable interest in ship modelling, especially; fishing boats as fishing remains an important industry. The town of Montaigu hosted a great model show on 01/02 April 2006 which included several aspects of the craft. I have concentrated on marine examples and offer an arbitrary selection of what interested or intrigued me. The show was sponsored by “Credit Mutuel” a French Bank which like so many here sponsors small, local events.

Roger Manley,


Paris-01.JPG Paris-02.JPG Paris-03.JPG Paris-04.JPG Paris-05.JPG
Paris-06.JPG Paris-07.JPG Paris-08.JPG Paris-09.JPG Paris-10.JPG
Paris-11.JPG Paris-12.JPG Paris-13.JPG Paris-14.JPG Paris-15.JPG
Paris-16.JPG Paris-17.JPG Paris-18.JPG Paris-19.JPG Paris-20.JPG
Paris-21.JPG Paris-22.JPG Paris-23.JPG Paris-24.JPG Paris-25.JPG