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Author Topic: Sales board rules  (Read 27996 times)

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Sales board rules
« on: March 06, 2008, 11:05:35 PM »

This sales board is a privilege for  ESTABLISHED  Mayhemers only.

Caveat Emptor!    Model boat mayhem Forum assumes no responsibility for transactions that take place via this board. Mayhem Disclaimer

Sales Rules.

1. Users who wish to sell items on here must be boat related and must be a Full Mayhemer,
    ie. 25 contributory posts on Mayhem.   Non compliant sales will be removed.

2. Adverts MUST have photos of the actual models or items for sale, not just an internet link to another site or catalog photo.
    ( Photos required at time of posting - sales without photos may be deleted. )

3. Mayhem adverts are to be exclusive to Mayhem.   
i.e.. No Duplicate listings on Ebay, Facebook, etc.
     If you have / want to list sale simultaneously elsewhere, please inform a moderator so we can remove it from Mayhem,

4. All items must have a fixed starting price. ie. no '"open to offers".

5. All Adverts shall have a maximum of 6 month duration, after which the adverts may be deleted.

6. If offering an item for swap, state a value of the item and what you are seeking.
    ALL negotiations must take place outside this Sales thread, (PM's are OK).

7.  Please indicate your location, this can be done by updating your Forum Profile.
    ( See: )

8.  No "Bumping." ie. don't post to put your sale on top.
     Continuous re-posting to your own sale usually results in getting it removed!

9. No interfering or undermining of anyone's Sale.
    ( If you have an issue with a sale, please take it up with the seller by PM or notify a moderator. )

10. For administration / clean up purposes, one item per post please.

 If you have a question, an issue with this rules or a Special request, please  PM me.
  Martin - Admin.
"This is my firm opinion, but what do I know?!"    -   Mayhem FaceBook Group!
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