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Title: t.i.d. colour schemes
Post by: balders on April 11, 2006, 09:53:06 pm
hello, I am trying to gather some info on t.i.d.tugs for a fellow member of Derby M.B.C. He as asked if I could search the web for any t.i.d. colour schemes.I have so far drawn a blank and was wondering if anyone can suggest any decent websites showing the same.
? ? ? ? Any info will be much appreciated,thanks.
Iwould just like to add a big thank you to Martin for a great website and for setting up this forum,it is much appreciated.
Title: Re: t.i.d. colour schemes
Post by: splodger on April 11, 2006, 11:33:51 pm
Well, light grey overall is a pretty safe choice. Slightly more seriously, I've built 4 TIDS and all four were grey, they just don't look quite right to me in any other scheme. That's not as dull as it sounds though, you can make a model like this much more interesting by using several slightly different shades of grey to bring it to life, working tugs were constantly re-painted, and old paint never quite matches new. As they were built for war work in WW2, all were grey originally, but most would have been repainted for post war civilian service, most probably with black hulls, brown superstructure & dull red below the waterline, and perhaps something slightly more exciting for the funnel. One thing that a lot of modellers forget, is that paint was hard to come by in the austerity times that followed WW2, so if you want something with an eye catching colour scheme, this type of vessel probably isn't the best choice.
Title: Re: t.i.d. colour schemes
Post by: -KEMO- on April 12, 2006, 12:29:59 pm
Hiya Balders, try this site which shows T.I.D 164,

Title: Re: t.i.d. colour schemes
Post by: Shipmate60 on April 12, 2006, 04:37:18 pm
The Port Auxiliary Service ( PAS ) ran a lot of Tids, one even sank in the Basin at Chatham.
She was "Girded" and the Engineer was killed.
They were painted with Red Lead anti-fouling, Black Hull, anti-slip Green deck and Buff ( Humbrol No 7 ) superstructure and inside of gunwhales.