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Title: Akori - 12 Seat Ferry
Post by: wombat on July 08, 2008, 11:21:25 pm
Just started working on a set of plans for this as a scratch build following completion of Grimy Rita.

The design is based on the Alnmaritec Wave Ferry, an aluminium 15M ferry. The design is taken from their website - a fuzzy PDF and transferred into Solid Edge 2D so it is more in the style of rather than a true scale model. The scale will probably be about 1:24. The original operates for Shell in the Gabon as far as I can tell

The original uses twin jet drives, though whether I will use this or props is yet to be decided.

SWMBO wants this one so got to decide on the number of toys - an opening ramp and an RC car would be fun.

Will add more as I go through the design.