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Title: stockmaritime VO-racer
Post by: Richdef on September 11, 2008, 04:45:32 PM
hi all,

I have been looking around on the net and have come across the stockmaritime VO-racer (  This is based on the "Seawind" by Kyosho. 

Has anyone on the forum come across one of these or dealt with stockmaritime?  Any reviews opinions would be helpfull as i am considering one if/when i get the money.


Title: Re: stockmaritime VO-racer
Post by: Boomer on August 17, 2011, 05:20:41 PM
I was just reviewing the sailing posts and found this post. I too have been impressed by the images I have seen on their web site. I have a Seawind and was interested in purchasing some of their accessories. I participate another RC forum based in the U.S. called it has a very active sailing section and has been a great resource as has been this forum. I mention this only because I posted a similar inquiry about these guys.
The information that came back was that basic and that their prices are very high and when you combine those high prices with shipping to the U.S. it is an attactrive combo. The other remark was that their sails were not good in person as they appear in the photos. That was very disappointing to me, as that was one of the items I was most interested in.Another comment was that the workmanhip was not what you'd expect from looking at their catalog. The particular source of this information seems a reliable source, but I have no first hand information.

I would like  to hear from anyone that has actual first hand information about these folks. I would also like to learn how they create those beautiful sails! I quessing that they are silk screened from computer generated drawings. Well beyond my skill sets.

Title: Re: stockmaritime VO-racer
Post by: Elroy on November 24, 2011, 07:43:52 PM
I just returned home from a business trip to Hamburg Germany and took some time to stop in Stockmaritime and see what they were about and purchase a few items for my Seawind build during the winter break.

Stockmaritime started out as a marketing/maritime photo company and saw a market for custom designed boats for their customers. That ended up becoming a very nice business for them. They make some very nice custom parts for not only the Seawind but the Micro Magic, Fortune and along with the VO70 they produce and other boats. I was very inpressed with them. I met the marketing person upon my entering and he provided me not only a tour of the facility, but also gave me a couple of hours of his time to chat and tell me the history and show me all the boats they are working on.

Their sails are printed on a large format plotter printer on Jib material that is specially designed for them. They can print out any design that people provide them and then sew them and send them to you. They also provide sails for different wind situations, light medium and heavy

Many of their parts and custom designed and laser cut for them. I ended up purchasing a full set of spreaders and a diamond spreader for my seawind. While this is not class legal here in the States, it will dress up the boat and make it more life like. I can always take that set up off and install a second one should I start racing.

While many of the items they sell are stock at Kyosho and much cheaper here in the states, they do stand behiind everything and provide excellent customer service along with some great tuning ideas. I would definatly consider a set of their sails after I came up with a great design.

I give them high marks and strongly recommend them.

Warm regards,
David Watson
Title: Re: stockmaritime VO-racer
Post by: Boomer on December 15, 2011, 04:47:24 PM
I see you follow this fourm as well. Good information. I look forward any news.
See you on the other side. (