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Title: 48" Canterbury J Class
Post by: kiwimodeller on October 14, 2008, 10:23:47 PM
Greetings, As promised on one of the other J Class postings I will do the occaisional post on progress with my J. The hull and lead come from the Christchurch Model Yacht Club, all hulls built from the same mold and with a number moulded in for I.D. It comes with a CD of instructions and drawings and a booklet of rules as they are designed to be a one class all identical race yacht. I live at the other end of the country and am planning to build mine as a semi-scale replica with wooden mast, booms etc and some cabins and deck fittings  and was not too worried about racing although we now have 3 J's here and 2 more under way so no doubt there will be some racing. I found the instructions etc adequate for some one with a little experience and there is an online mentoring service available through the club's website plus of course the marvels of Mayhem. My postings will not start right at the beginning as some of the work was already done before I started taking photos. Fitting the keel and reinforcing the bottom of the hull with a piece of ply epoxied inside was quite straight forward following the instructions and fitting inwales and cross beams was not too bad although I am not 100% happy with the results. Just little things not perfect but that is my fault. I did note that the drawings call for 12mm ply inserts in bow and stern but the updated instructions say 6mm would be adequate. I went for the deck mounted mast setup so there is a ply plate in place for that too reather than keel mount which I could not see any advantage for. Also that would get in the way of my planned under-deck winch and rigging set up. Photos of progress will follow. Cheers, Ian.
Title: Re: 48" Canterbury J Class
Post by: kiwimodeller on October 15, 2008, 06:52:00 AM
Attached are pictures of the crossbeams.
Title: Re: 48" Canterbury J Class
Post by: kiwimodeller on October 15, 2008, 09:52:44 AM
Following ideas in a 1999 Classic Sail artlcle from Marine Modelling I am going to try and mount the winch and pulley under the deck with the sheets coming up through fairleads directly under the booms  so the deck remains uncluttered. Photos show the piece of ply with extension for the winch and pulley to mount on the port side and the other piece for the rudder servo and radio gear pot on the starboard. When unscrewed from their crossmembers both can be passed through the hatch. This leaves the problem of sealing the flush fitting deck as the hatch is way larger  than the cabin.