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Title: Mast hoops
Post by: John C on October 19, 2008, 01:42:41 PM
How on earth do you make these little blighters?............ I have visions of laminating them out of veneer and brass wire, and I'm sure that someone out there has the answer.

I don't want to make them out of plastic drain pipe as was suggested to me, I want wooden ones and if all else fails I suppose I'll have to buy them them, but I hate doing this as it sort of takes away the "I built that feeling".

Here's hoping

John C
Title: Re: Mast hoops
Post by: boatmadman on October 19, 2008, 02:24:42 PM
Right, here is how I did it:

use a david's razor plane with the blade depth set to about 0.5 mm:

Get a length of suitable wood, I used cedar, at a thickness similar to the depth of the mast hoop, run the plane carefully and steadily along the full length of the wood so  you get one long continuous strip of thin wood.

Then, find a piece of dowel or plastic tube the diameter of which is suitable for the inside diameter of the hoop, wrap the strip of wood around the dowel, touching the wood with a spot of superglue every quarter turn or so, continue wrapping until you have slightly more thickness than you require, remove from dowel and finish to size by sanding.

Its fiddly and slow, but it works and the end results look ok.

Good luck,

Title: Re: Mast hoops
Post by: MCR on October 19, 2008, 10:49:21 PM
As above however I use pva and allow to dry for a day or so. Remember to grease the dowl or you will not get the wooden tube off. Then use a razor saw to cut off the hoops. By the way sand before you cut the hoops.
Title: Re: Mast hoops
Post by: John C on October 20, 2008, 11:10:17 AM
Thanks for the reply's

I thought someone on here would have the answer, I'll give it a go.

John C
Title: Re: Mast hoops
Post by: Greggy1964 on October 15, 2009, 05:59:21 PM
Wood from the holly tree makes excellent fine wood shavings.

The wood is beautiful to work with and very fine grained, white to grey in colour and can be shaved to almost see through thickness. O0

Using a pine dowel cut to the right hoop internal diameter dipped in hot candle wax serves as a mandrel to wind your holly strips around.

Soak the wood in waterproof wood glue and wind away until the correct hoop thickness is obtained, finish off with a couple of turns of cello tape to hold all in place till glue dries

A 1" wide shaving will form a tube from which loads of hoops can be cut, split off each hoop as required while the wood tube is still on the mandrel, they come off easier and you avoid crushing the new hoop while cutting it away.

I am lucky to have a tree surgeon friend and I have a few holly, maple and lime logs air curing under cover under my kitchen window :-))
Title: Re: Mast hoops
Post by: Greggy1964 on October 15, 2009, 06:44:03 PM
Forgot to say, talk to your local tree surgeon, they cut down hardwood trees all the time, check with them when they are about to cut down the tree type you are after.

Arrange for him to leave a few logs for you to collect from the site, trunks and branches up to 8" diameter get fed through the chipper on site. O0

Most are happy to do this because it saves them carrying it away or having to feed it through the chipper, any hardwood usually gets cut up for logs for open fires in any case.

All you have to do is haul it home and let it sit a year or two air drying outside under cover, or you can have it cut into 1" planks and dry it in your loft but paint the ends of the planks with any handy paint. This stops the wood loosing too much moisture too quickly as most moisture is lost from end grain. Think of bundles of drinking straws.

Span you new planks across the roof beams in your loft and weight them down with bricks etc so they don't twist and warp as they dry, this method is a lot quicker than air drying outside, I just like to see the logs stacked up outside for some reason. :-)) %)
Title: Re: Mast hoops
Post by: barryfoote on October 15, 2009, 06:49:23 PM
As an alternative, use sticky backed paper. Cur to width and wrap around the mast. Once painted up they look great, particularly at the smaller scales.
Title: Re: Mast hoops
Post by: tigertiger on October 16, 2009, 01:17:14 AM
Hi Footski

Are we talking about the same kind of mast hoops here?

I believe you could be talking about iron bands used to strengthen the mast and stop if from splitting. Or in the case of a mast made of smaller timbers, holding it all together.

The mast hoops I think we are talking about in this thread are wooden hoops that attached at the luff of quadrilateral fore and aft sails. These hoops then run up the mast with the sail.
Title: Re: Mast hoops
Post by: barryfoote on October 16, 2009, 08:18:13 AM
Oops....Thanks for the clarification tigertiger.. :embarrassed: :embarrassed:
Title: Re: Mast hoops
Post by: Greggy1964 on October 24, 2009, 06:58:57 PM
This subject got me thinking as I need to make these for my sailing trawler project.

I've posted some info on my findings in the Tutorials & ''How to's'' page under laminated pine mast hoops. :-))