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Title: I had a moan...
Post by: das boot on November 08, 2008, 03:12:49 pm
It really does pay to have a moan and a whinge, you know…

I received an electricity bill a while back, which I paid by cheque after getting the red reminder….I’d rather my money was in my bank earning me interest and not the electric company. Anyway, a while later I received another one…the usual standing quarter bill done by an estimated reading. It seemed a bit on the excessive side, so I checked my meter reading, sent the figures to the electric company via their online service and asked for a updated bill….which I duly received. For the whole total of the bill I’d already received (which was well in excess of £200), plus an extra £70 odd quid to bring the new reading I’d supplied them with up to date!  >>:-(  >>:-(  <*<  <*<  <*<

I was straight on the phone giving them plenty of flak, I explained that there was no way on earth I’d used that amount of electricity as I live alone and I’m out all day….they assured me they were correct and I’d read my meter wrongly, I remarked that it’s hardly rocket science to read a meter, and I suggested they send a meter reader man round to check my reading was correct. At first they were reluctant to send a man out on a special trip but in the end I won, and the meter man turned up, read the meter, and toddled off muttering about how he had to drive all the way to my flat on a special journey….a total return trip of at least three miles.  ;D

Anyway, I received my new and up to date electricity bill this morning….I am in credit for £173.73p. Don’t you just love it when that happens??   :-))  :-))

Shame you don’t get the cash repaid, but at least I haven’t got to worry about an electric bill arriving for a while. Nice…. ok2

Title: Re: I had a moan...
Post by: The long Build on November 08, 2008, 04:23:19 pm
Well done for sticking to your guns.. I have a lot of dealings with al ot of utilities company's and I am sorry to say in General they have'nt got a clue, and I spend a lot of my time telling them how to process their accounts.

The amount of times they have actualy come and read our meter and then give an estimated figure  %%

You can insist they pay the amount back as it was there error. 
Title: Re: I had a moan...
Post by: craftysod on November 08, 2008, 05:14:07 pm
I had a similar situation,got a letter from npower saying i owed £258,
straight on the phone telling them i cant be in debt as i have prepay meter,
oh ok says the guy and he checked said it was a mistake,i owe nothing,
the following week got same letter again,straight in filing cabinet(bin)
Title: Re: I had a moan...
Post by: Roger in France on November 08, 2008, 05:26:42 pm
Always challenge your bill when you think it justified.

You are entitled to a refund if you have been overcharged.

Normally the utility company will have a level over which they automatically refund and they try not to make smaller refunds but you can insist, unless you are happy for them to hold your money in credit.

Let me tell you a story about a utility company which got itself into a fix many years ago....I was involved on the customers side and can assure you this is true.

The company discovered it had not been billing a small community...nobody told them! After 2 years the company's memory was jogged and they sent out 2 years of bills. Of course some prudent consumers had been putting money aside, the foolish ones had not. They did owe the money but reasonably enough felt outraged that after demonstrating such inefficiency the company wanted everyone to pay 100% immediately.

Eventually a settlement was reached and every customer was granted a significant discount and time to pay.

Roger in France
Title: Re: I had a moan...
Post by: gary r uk on November 08, 2008, 05:41:17 pm
good lad well done chalk one up for the little guy
Title: Re: I had a moan...
Post by: das boot on November 08, 2008, 06:35:41 pm
It does you wonder though, doesn't many other people would have paid the bill and thought no more about it. Me...I had a good teacher, my old mum always checked every single bill she received, and would make a right fuss if she'd been overcharged by a penny!

I'll let them hang onto to my money this time for the next bill, beacuse I know what will happen if I get a refund...the USS Blueback could really do with nice shiny new radio, and I still need to buy me a new battery pack, and then there's...... %)

Electricity company....0. Me....1   :-))

Title: Re: I had a moan...
Post by: dougal99 on November 08, 2008, 09:00:09 pm
Many years ago my boss got a bill with lots of zeroes in inappropriate places (after the other numbers and before the decimal point). To say he went ballistic is an understatement. After the usual prevarication and meter checking (your expense sir if no fault found) a maintenance check on the wiring revealed that somehow some of the street lights had been wired through his meter.   >>:-( Red faces all round and a debate on how they could work out what he actually used. What laughs not  :embarrassed:

NB this was not in the UK

Title: Re: I had a moan...
Post by: Peter Fitness on November 08, 2008, 09:48:53 pm
It really does pay to have a moan and a whinge, you know

Absolutely correct, Rich. Earlier this year, I had a problem with my 4WD, with oil leaking from the rear axle assembly. I took it to the dealer who commented that it was caused by a design flaw, which had subsequently been rectified, although the manufacturer had not issued a recall. I had the problem fixed, then wrote to the manufacturer expressing disappointment, and saying I thought that they should be responsible for at least some of the cost of repairs, as they had acknowledged the fault by modifying the part in subsequent models. I might also add my car had over 94,000 km on the clock, and was out of the 3 year warranty, being 5 years old. I eventually received a phone call from the manufacturer agreeing with my argument, and offering to pay for the parts involved, an offer I accepted, needless to say.

So, it does indeed pay to have a whinge if you feel it is justified.  :-))

Title: Re: I had a moan...
Post by: das boot on November 09, 2008, 10:02:57 am
My cousin tells me I'm turning into a miserable old fart who is always moaning and complaining... ;)  Maybe I am, but I've got free electricity for a while now.  ok2

She's just gone off to check her meters....   :-)