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Title: Loyal Moderator - Hull Painting
Post by: Arminius on December 17, 2008, 07:03:39 am
Hello All !

I am close to finishing off the hull of my Model Slipways' Loyal Moderator and I would like your advice on painting the hull (what brand of paint, glossy/satin..., varnish...).  The hull only needs a black top and an oxide red bottom.  At this stage, the hull is smoothly sanded and sprayed in oxide red car body primer.  Now how do I carry on taking into account that I need to apply decals ?   What I had in mind is: I airbrush the red and black with matt Humbrol paint, then apply an overall glossy varnish to nicely put the decals on.  Then an overall satin varnish...

Could you please provide with your opinion/working method for a smooth painted hull?

Thank you!