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Title: Royal Research Ship James Cook
Post by: Peter T on September 27, 2006, 03:03:50 pm
Apart from being a member of the Solent RCMYC, I'm an oceanographer  at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton.  We are in the process of sea trialling our new major research ship the RRS James Cook ( ).  She has worldwide capability and full dynamic station keeping with pairs of thrusters at bow and stern. To leave the quay she just motors out sideways!  In the past we have always had "shipyard" models of all our ships which were built by the ship yard apprentices.  Now there are no apprentices... so no models.  If anyone is interested in producing a static model of the ship for the NOC,  full plans etc. would be readily available.  I don't know what money would be possible but they would be willing to negotiate a sensible amount.  I can be contacted through this forum or email: .  I would put any potentially interested modellers in touch with our research vessel unit who run the ship.  I'm sure anyone who did take this up would get a chance to look around her in port, and even a trip on her at sea is not an impossibility since we encourage participation in our research cruises by artists and people with similar skills/interests.  Of course, the latter would be subject to berth availability, health checks, etc.
Peter T.
Title: Re: Royal Research Ship James Cook
Post by: Spleric on July 07, 2009, 05:27:50 pm
Hi Peter T

   I was wondering if this ‘challenge’ to build the RRS James Cook model is still open. I would be very keen on building this ship and have considered it for project in the past.

I have considerable model ship building experience having built several large 1.72 scale war ships and sailing ships, I am currently building an icebreaker the RV Lance which would be similar to James Cook in many ways.
For a past project I was challenged to build a model of HMS Caroline, built with shipyard drawings and information provided by the ships crew. It was awarded a national Model Engineers Exhibition and Competition Bronze medal and trophy and with my other models has been exhibited in many shows.

I have a special interest in building the RRS James Cook as I am due to study oceanography at Southampton in 2010. It would be a fantastic challenge

Below is some photos of my past scratch built models…

 ( (

( (


            Thanks from Eric Henry

Title: Re: Royal Research Ship James Cook
Post by: DickyD on July 07, 2009, 06:14:28 pm
Your link does not work for me Peter.

Not that I have time to build your model as I am half way through the Model Slipway Sentinel, I was just trying to be nosy.

Maybe catch you at the lake.