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Title: Speed control
Post by: jhilde on February 27, 2009, 11:23:04 am
First of all, hello, I'm a new member from northern Indiana. My primary RC modeling interest has been the northern Pacific fishing boats. Iv'e built tugs, mahogany speedboats, fishing boats, cabin cruisers, but having lived in Seattle and on Vashon Island, Washington, Iv'e seen and photographed many of the Northwest and Alaska style fishing boats, trollers, purse seiners--
It has been awhile since Iv'e build one with a simple basic 6 volt system, powered by a 6 volt gell cell. All of my builds in recent years have utilized a speed control designed for a quick charge ni-cad type battery. Is it still possible to get an electronic speed control, for a 6 volt system, that will work without a separate set of batteries? One that uses the main battery power as it does with a ni-cad. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated---thanks
Title: Re: Speed control
Post by: andrewh on February 27, 2009, 12:52:08 pm

Hi, and welcome.
Speed controls know nothing (or very little) about what is supplying them with volts, and in general any ESC that works from a nicad pack will work happily from a 6V gelcell or SLA lead/acid battery.  Can't do any harm to try it.

<<Is it still possible to get an electronic speed control, for a 6 volt system, that will work without a separate set of batteries>. 
If I have understood your question right you are asking if the speed control will supply receiver voltage to avoid the use of a seperate RX pack?
If that is the question the answers are Certainly, yes, and why would you want to?  and in that order

Nearly all speed controls  (generally abbreviated to ESC)  and supply 4.8 Volts for the receiver - this feature is called BEC (battery elimination circuit). 
There are very few that don't and they are all in the ancient, or high voltage (over 15V), or high current (hundreds of amps) or opto-isolated ESCs - you won't need to worry about any of them.

Next  - why would you?  All recievers that I know of are happy on 6V, so you could, if you so desired, run power directly to the Rx from your battery.  (If your esc had a BEC this would be a bad idea)

Don't know if I have really answered your question?
Please say if you need more info on anything - the mayhem mob are more than helpful
Title: Re: Speed control
Post by: barryfoote on February 27, 2009, 01:07:59 pm
Welcome to the mad house......This is a simple problem to overcome. Just wait for FLJ to red this post and he will have all the answers you need and can supply some superb gear at great prices...You could send him a pm to hurry him up or look at his web site which is

Barry (Nothing to do with the company....just a satisfied customer).