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Title: Strange Noises !
Post by: BreezyB on February 27, 2009, 06:34:33 pm
I have just completed the installation of the electric motor, ESC and RX into my first electric drive model. The propeller shaft is driven by a Speed 400  (7.2 v) through a Nylon 2:1 Graupner Gearbox and the ESC is a Mtroniks 20.
Everything worked very well first time and I am please with the result but I have experienced noises which I didn't expect!!!
1. When the throttle is moved very very slightly off of the neutral position the motor "squeaks or groans" until the throttle is opened a bit more then it's OK.
2. When I originally ran the motor without the gearbox I got just a "Hum" from it but with the whole gear train assembled and in place the sound is a lot harsher. The propeller shaft was checked for free running before the motor was fitted and the gears are pre aligned by the housing so I cant get that wrong.  %)
I suspect that these noises are ,in fact OK, but having crossed over to the Dark Side from RC Sailing I have nothing to compare it to.
Advice would be most welcome. :-))
Title: Re: Strange Noises !
Post by: Martin [Admin] on February 27, 2009, 06:49:16 pm
Have a look at:
Title: Re: Strange Noises !
Post by: BreezyB on February 27, 2009, 08:34:17 pm
Spot on Martin and thanks for the link, it just about explains all I need to know in some detail. I quite often do a search for information but admit I didn't on this occasion.  :embarrassed:  :embarrassed:
Anyway thanks for putting my mind at rest.