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Title: Obituaries
Post by: Jonty on March 19, 2009, 10:57:57 pm
  Couple of interesting obituaries in The Times today.

  Sir Charles Willink, Bt, a classicist who was much involved in the building of a replica Greek trireme in 1987,

  Also Des Newton, a notable ship modeller. The latter must have been quite a character (not to say that Willink was not) having had a career as a club entertainer as well as working at the Merseyside Maritime Museum and making models of Britannia for the royal family.

  Not on their website, but the paper will probably still be in libraries tomorrow.

  Sorry, just seen Bowwave's post. Nice that he got the recognition of a Times obit.
Title: Re: Obituaries
Post by: kiteman1 on March 20, 2009, 07:18:40 pm
I remember meeting Des several times, the first being at Southport in the Eighties.

Whenever I visited the Maritime Museum in Liverpool a request to see him always got me in gratis.  He was never short on the humour and had that typical dryness that goes with the area.

I'm also very pleased to see him being recognised outside of his own locality.