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Title: Italerl S130
Post by: Martin [Admin] on May 12, 2009, 06:11:03 pm
Via Email to Mayhem....

Dear martin, read with interest the Jack's Robb s-130 build, and i thought viewers might like to see my s-boot, based
on the Italerl plastic model kit in 1/35 th scale, at a metre long, cost to build including the kit [99.99] was 250.00,
which includes replacing the kits plastic rails with brass stanchions,also all the other  plastic gun rails with brass rod.

She runs on 7.2 volt 3600 ni mah battery driving 3 x 385 motors with the kits props, propshafts where home made,
the kit isn't prefect but then which one is! so there were lots of parts to be corrected, saving up for another so can
do an earlier type, hope you enjoy the photos.

Title: Re: Italerl S130
Post by: Martin [Admin] on May 12, 2009, 06:17:04 pm
Few More...
Title: Re: Italerl S130
Post by: Puffin on May 17, 2009, 09:24:45 pm
Nice boat! got mine finished this week.

Look at this forum:

Only thing I noticed: your mines are to big... The mines that are for sale (RMG) are the mines from large mine laying vessels.
The Germans used the submarine size (72 cm diameter) mines, The mines who sit on your cradle looks like the sovjet type. These where captured by the germans and had 5 Hertz horns. The german type has 7 an sits on a square blok. Also you have to reduce the scale some more, because the Italeri kit isn't that well to scale. If the mines are 2cm or 2,2 cm in diametre the are looking just right. | build my mines from toy ball from a old game set.
Title: Re: Italerl S130
Post by: keef666 on May 19, 2009, 09:14:18 am
as far as know the mines were 42" in dia, my mines are 32mm so they should work out to scale, these were made from wooden balls and the trolley wheels from a kinder egg toy,  when i see other resin mines i think these are over scale, but in the end who cares as long as we have fun in the end