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Title: Might this be of use???
Post by: polaris on July 24, 2009, 11:15:18 am

Dear All,

Just some gnrl. info. for feedback & chat.

I have re-found a small hydraulic power pack recently that has been carefully tucked away in the stores for some while (not new), and have been wondering if it's something that might be of use to someone. It is not for sale just at the moment since I don't know whether to keep it or not, but it would be handy to know if it's something that someone might be interested in.

The motor indicates 24v supply, but it works at 12v - tested yesterday from a large battery. The oil pump gurgles well (no oil in reservoir), so this looks to be doing what it should. The physical size of the motor is 6 inches long by 3.5 inches, the attached hyd. pump is 3.5 inches square, by apx. 1 inch, and the attached reservoir is apx. 12 inches long. The motor and hyd.pump is Haldex mfd., so very good quality - I have emailed the UK distib. asking for more data.

Disregarding the oil pump and reservoir, I was wondering, if the hyd. pump and reservoir were removed (assuming that motor & pump are separable rather than 'integral'), that the motor might be a good one for large model vessels - 12v or 24v - since with proper linkage it would easily be capable of coping with three or four large props/shafts, and give good centralised ballast at the same time - haven't weighed it yet, but will be 6 to 8 lbs.. I don't want to separate motor from pump just yet in case it might be peferable to keep as a whole.

What thoughts might there be on this?

Regards, Bernard