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Title: revell u boat new build
Post by: Klunk on October 15, 2009, 07:33:37 PM
Have purchased one of these and am looking to make it into a surface runner. Does anyone have a parts list for the running gear, ie prop size and prop shaft length, also a 1-1 scale drawing of the modification to ther rear bulk head to allow the propshafts to pass through. The dimensions for som blass inserts into the a frames, and what size motor (280 size?) I should be looking at, plus a general schematic of layout. Props will be coupled to the motor with rubber tube, preference for propshaft is a graupner, and do propshop do sub props that small???

Also I hear the laser wood deck is very good, but is it worth the aggro for a surface runner? Also an upgrade for the deck gun and or periscope area???

many thanks klunk

ps have read several articles on this sub for conversions and cannot decide!
Title: Re: revell u boat new build
Post by: Marks Model Bits on October 15, 2009, 08:08:46 PM
I do a small motor complete with a coupling, it comes with a 2mm plain end on the shaft end of the coupling but I can do other sizes to suit.
Motor and coupling is 6 +P&P.
The motor specs are 1.5 to 6 volts,
No load speed on 6v 5100rpm
No load current  0.2 amps
Stall current 1.5 amps

Title: Re: revell u boat new build
Post by: Bunkerbarge on October 15, 2009, 10:53:07 PM
Have you read through this one:

Bits used as follows:

From SHG:
Motors, 16mm diameter servo motors

Shafts, 12" long 2mm diameter

Tubes, 10" long 4mm diameter

Props, brass 25mm, left and right handed, threaded 4mm but with inserts to take the thread down to 2mm.

From White Ensign Models:

Wooden deck, more work but the detail is well worth it.

Brass PE set, useful additional detail especially around the tower.

From Historex:

Hecker & Goros U-Boat crew.  Stunning detail and well worth it for adding interest to a surface runner.

From Robbe:

Rubber tube type couplings, smooth and light.

I didn't make any drawings I'm afraid, once I'd decided on the layout of the main parts I simply manufactured the pieces as I went along.
Title: Re: revell u boat new build
Post by: Klunk on October 16, 2009, 03:32:03 PM
thanks will look into all these bits, shame about not making a copy of the rear bulk head, could have saved me some trouble!!!