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Title: uscg rebuild
Post by: mark w on October 22, 2009, 02:56:16 AM

I picked this up at a local hobby shop. I was RTR uscg 44' lifeboat. It had been damaged in shipping and was going to be thrown away. After bringing it home, I decided to turn it into generic workboat. I switched out the stock motors with 2 Graupner 600's, put in a Robbe speed control, and lubricated the shafts and rudder posts (they barely turned). I replaced the radio with a 2.4 unit and I'm using a 6 cell car ni-cad battery. The majority of the damage was in the bridge area, so I removed to roof and added the windshield (windscreen). I planked over the plastic deck and added parts box fittings. The boat is a rocket! steering is good. The only problem is overheating of the motors and speed control (I need to open some vents in the deck).