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Title: Panache yachts by Vic Smeed
Post by: roycv on December 16, 2006, 07:44:59 am
Hi all, We have several, about 6 or so within the club and we were racing them for the last part of the summer.  Our club water is a model boating lake that has about 12 inches of water and an adjoining lake with 2 - 3 feet.

The Panache yacht sails surprisingly well for a 30 inch loa hull and the racing was keen and very friendly.
Apart from irregular trips around the buoys with scale electric our 20 minute Panache races created a lot of interest.
Does anyone else race these yachts?  They are just about the cheapest boat to sail.
regards Roy
Title: Re: Panache yachts by Vic Smeed
Post by: andywright on December 16, 2006, 09:53:35 pm
I agree with you on having a cheap boat to sail, 1Metres are starting to get out of reach for the average sailor. to get a competitive boat you need to spend in excess of 500.00. Its a shame really, because they were originally designed to keep costs down, in fact the class rules are formulated around this theory, but has any body designed and built a successful 1metre recently for a 100 or even 300. just sails and rigs alone will stand you at 300 if you build your boat out of scraps. I make my own sails, which are very successful in club racing, but a complete boat is almost out of reach. i may try a Micro Magic next year .
Title: Re: Panache yachts by Vic Smeed
Post by: cbr900 on December 17, 2006, 10:24:30 am

There is a Sailing Club in the next town from us, one of its members sails competitively and just purchased a new IOM Yacht, $4.800 Australian Dollars, to rich for my blood, but it floats his boat..