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Title: Heading Lock gyro
Post by: HS93 (RIP) on January 03, 2007, 01:25:13 AM
Has anybody used a Heading Lock Gyro unit in a boat? .Ive heard they use them in robots and I spoke to a chap at csm and he said that they are being used but had no info about using them.any info would help.  thanks.  Peter
Title: Re: Heading Lock gyro
Post by: dreadnought72 on January 03, 2007, 09:39:25 AM
Gyros...I've thought about this. I can't offer much advice, but here it is anyway:

I'm building a large model of HMS Dreadnought, and turret rotation feels like a must-have. Using a Basic Stamp microprocessor I can get turret control ( the way I want it. (You'll need a flash/shockwave-equipped browser to see the example. Drag the yellow arrow to set the bearing, hit the train button to start the turrets.) Once the system is complete, I'll set a director bearing using one servo, then use another servo to train the turrets to acquire that bearing if they can. They'll stay parked if they can't.

Now, what would be nice is the use of a gyro to fix a director bearing independent of the heading of the ship, so that the turrets will track a bearing, park if they can't, and acquire it if they can, no matter what direction the hull is pointing, while the turrets are set to train.

I've been told that heli gyros won't work for this - they maybe need more rotational motion than a turning ship has, in order to accurately track (and in a heli's case, control) movement. Whether that's the case or not I don't know...but the price of heading lock gyros is prohibitive for an experiment that might not work.

As a result I'm currently looking into doing this the good old fashioned mechanical way. I've certainly got the room for electromechanical gyros, and I know that would be good enough, in a two axis system - I'm not worried about pitch on a seven foot hull, nor the space for extra batteries & bits - to fix the bearing. Even if it drifts over a few minutes, it would only require sending a new director bearing to reset it now and again.

If someone HAS experimented with hlg's, and can prove they have enough accuracy over small movements and reasonably long time spans, I'll add my request to Peter's as I'd love to hear about the results.


Title: Re: Heading Lock gyro
Post by: HS93 (RIP) on January 03, 2007, 09:48:00 AM
These are the people I spoke to  they said there was no reason that it would not work and that he had "heard" of people using them in boats as well as robots and Ive seen on a few web sites that they use them in cars for drifting don't know what good they would be in cars ! . so ill see if anyone else comes back and think about it a bit.. Peter
Title: Re: Heading Lock gyro
Post by: andi4x4 on April 27, 2008, 01:10:35 AM
 HI Peter

Just wondering if you had made any advance with this idea.  I was thinking about this last week as a method to control both Bofors on my Brave Borderer so that they both aim on the same target, but, have them return to a parked position of one aiming astern and one aiming ahead.

I did think about the gyro idea myself, but, as a gyro learns its position by the "last known static heading" I wasnt sure this would work. I have a heli that I can "borrow" the gyro out of to try, but, I have only got one gun under r/c control at present - still working on the other !

It is a very interesting concept that I would like to hear more about !

Not sure I should be resurrecting on old thread, I just stumbled across it whilst searching for threads about continuously running servo mods.


Title: Re: Heading Lock gyro
Post by: HS93 (RIP) on April 27, 2008, 01:38:47 AM
I got hold of a cheap one to try but I have not got around to it yet, I know they use them on robo wars bots and i spoke to someone who fly's and plays boats and they reckon it would work no problem , I have also read that they use them in model cars that do drifting but haven't got a clue why? so i will be trying mine very soon and will let you know

Title: Re: Heading Lock gyro
Post by: john54 on April 27, 2008, 07:02:25 AM
I once heard of one fitted to a mono 2 for auto adjusting the trimtabs worked well in a chop.
Title: Re: Heading Lock gyro
Post by: BarryB on April 27, 2008, 10:02:38 AM
Hi All
I have been experimenting with both rate & HH gyros for a couple of months now.

BA Nano Gyro
ESky EK2-0704A Helicopter Head Lock Gyro

1. I have used in a 3 ft model boat driving into one of my mixers and also direct to rudders.
2. Also have in mind for holding tank turrets in constant horizontal plane during bumpy terrain.
3. Currently working towards using 3 gyros in "Flying bedstead"

Can honestly say that I have come to no real conclusions yet !

Why do I make myself so many problems ? :'(