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Title: Only when you have an Audience!
Post by: dbninja on May 01, 2010, 07:16:15 pm
another perfect example of "sod's law"

was enjoying the afternoon sunshine at "my private Lake" took the big Perkasa and my mad Aerokits Sea Scout :-))

whole lake to myself and loads of people and kids etc (unusual) all brought out by the glorious sunshine!
46" Perkassa first
Sea Scout twice on 2 packs for a good hour!  it can eat up the lake like a thing possesed :-))

got quite a crowd by now...   so back to the car and drags the big Perkasa back out with a new battery!

honest i now have a line of maybe 50 people all round my side of the lake :-))

big Perk really grabs the attention so i am doing smoooooooth fast passes close in to the Bank  just playing the crowd...........


right in front of everyone i hit a submerged rock and rip the rudder clean off!  prop shatters... fuse blows!

oh look at the dead boat at the mercy of the drift...    that would be from my side to the other >:-o

sods law eh!   that will teach me to play a crowd!

Title: Re: Only when you have an Audience!
Post by: sheerline on May 03, 2010, 09:30:43 am
Typical Sods Law, I don't know where it rates in the official list but it states :
 Something which works perectly every time will fail if someone else is watching. The level of failure is dependant on two things, firstly the importance of the demonstration, the more important the more likely it is to fail. Secondly, the level of catastrophic failure is directly proportional to the number of observers. If the item to be demostrated is important and is being viewed by many, it will fail immediately and catastrophically.
My old quarter scale Auster flew faultlessly for three years, I demonstrated it to a crowd and a wing strut bracket failed three minutes into the flight at about 150 feet... it never flew again. :((