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Title: Steam Launch repaint
Post by: The long Build on May 26, 2010, 01:33:42 PM
When I got Home After having a number of successfully sailings at the Kirklees Steam day I noticed that my Launch's paint work was starting to crack on the joint at water level along the whole length , both sides , It is around 18 years old but has never really had much sailing done until the last few years, Looking at the exposed woodwork underneath I would say it has never been treated with anysort of sealer (But I could be wrong).

So what is the best course of Action.. Is it to strip the paint off and then seal it with something and if so what , and repaint it , or would it be better to cover it with Dope & Tissue paper , or even use a very fine mat and Fibre Glass it..

Any advice would be welcome.

This is a picture of it sailing at our club pond 2 years ago.

Title: Re: Steam Launch repaint
Post by: Bunkerbarge on May 26, 2010, 02:16:57 PM
I think if you have signs of the paint coming away from the wood then the adhesion of the rest of the paint would be in question.  The  best solution would be to rub the existing paintwork down to the bare wood then start again with a decent primer and new to coat.  You could try shortcuts but what ever you put on top of the existing paint is still reliant on the adhesion of the original paint, which is obviously in question.

I think the model is generally in very good sound condition and so merits the job doing properly.