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Title: Mainmast track for sail
Post by: peterpan on June 11, 2010, 03:48:44 pm
Hi  Am completely new to model making but not to boats

I am getting on with building my first kit the Bruma having completed the hull and deck and am very pleased.

The masts and particularly the rigging and mast fittings supplied with the kit are way out of scale and bear no resemblance to an any factual rig and I have always intended to try and rig the boat properly and fit sail. %%

I was amazed to find I can buy working blocks/bottle screws etc to this sacale but can not find anywhere a supplier of mast track for the main sail. I assume that I would have to use a bolt rope in the sail running in a track as sliders on this scale are probably not practical. does any one know if such a thing is available?

If I cant get any I may change the whole thing to Gaff Rig as I think I can resolve most of the issues with this rig.
Title: Re: Mainmast track for sail
Post by: tigertiger on June 16, 2010, 04:11:45 pm
Is this what you mean?

If so it is called groovy mast section. Lots of them about. Sailsetc are a bit pricey but always very high quality bits and bobs. You will also be able to get a lot of other scale rigging stuff from them.

Not connected to them, just a happy customer.
Title: Re: Mainmast track for sail
Post by: peterpan on June 18, 2010, 02:51:00 pm
Many thanks tigertiger. Its a fascinating site if a bit difficult to navigate around. Its probably a bit to high tec/racing kit for what I have in mind but i will spend a bit more time looking at the site.

As a new boy to model making I wonder if i am being a bit over ambitious or naive in wanting to fit a set of reasonably current design (not square riggers) operating sails on a static model.  :o

From what I can find it seems that models have sails either fully set or completely furled but not working.

Is it possible to put this to a wider audience on the forum.

Thanks again
Title: Re: Mainmast track for sail
Post by: tigertiger on June 19, 2010, 03:32:23 am
It is probably in the right place Peter. At the time of writing this post it had recieved more than 100 views already. That is a fairly high hit rate. The response rate will depend on the questions asked and if/how well others can answer.

If you only need the gorrvy track from sailsetc (or other supplier), then just buy that, and use other sources for other components. As they will not be working components you don't need to worry about them failing. If for a static model you could try simulating the groove, if you don'e need to run the sail up and down.
Title: Re: Mainmast track for sail
Post by: pompebled on June 21, 2010, 09:21:57 am
Hi Peter,

Do you have a picture (or two) of your build?
Google cama up with a two masted sloop rigged yacht, is that it?

Regards, Jan.
Title: Re: Mainmast track for sail
Post by: peterpan on June 21, 2010, 06:08:28 pm
Hi Jan

See my first post on Chit Chat "New boy with Bruma Kit" for more info and a couple of pics.

Not sure what you found on Google but the bruma kit comes up all over the place with pics of some finished boats.

As I say the kit does not include any sails and the rig as shown does not conform to any standard rig. The masts postions could be a ketch but they are shown at the same hight which  rules  this out and the position rules out cutter and schooner. The running rigging is shown wound round in a continuous cats cradle of string which gives no indication of how the actual boat was rigged and all descriptions refer to a "fishing vessel converted to a cruising yacht".

I am not fussed about creating exactly what was on the origanal boat but want the finished model to be realistic (and if possible operational %%) and am quite happy to design my own more factual rig. BUT, my lack of modeling experience and equipment are making me look for the simplest way to achieve this and this means buying bits rather than making them. Any rig that involves sails in a track on the mast looks to be very difficult to achieve and so at the moment I am looking at a gaff rigged ketch.

Thanks for your interest....any comments and help would be very welcome.


Title: Re: Mainmast track for sail
Post by: des321 on June 21, 2010, 10:34:11 pm
Having built the Bruma last year and sailed it under electric power I have noticed a strong tendency for it to be affected by the wind. That's without any sails. If you intend to sail this boat with fitted sails I think you will need to have a drop keel of some sort. Simply ballasting the hull is not I think going to be effective.
Title: Re: Mainmast track for sail
Post by: peterpan on June 22, 2010, 02:56:46 pm
Yes others have said it is very delicate on the water and I do now see the finished item as more of a display model which is partly why I want the rigging to be realistic

Allthough I do intend to sail the boat in very sheltered condition I will only motor it around with the sails furled which is why i would like the sails to be operational (furled or set by hand) to give me the option to sail with sails furled or displayed with sails set.

Actually i am really enjoying sorting all this out. :D I may seem to be trying to cross every t and dot every i but its partly because being in Spain i have to get all my bits sent from UK and i am trying to get everything sent in one delivery.....ha ...ho.

Thanks all the helpfull comments  :-)).............I promise eventually I will post some pics of the final results

Title: Re: Mainmast track for sail
Post by: des321 on June 22, 2010, 10:42:32 pm
Looking forward to your pics. Good luck with the build.