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Title: Horizon Hobby UK
Post by: ivorthediver on July 18, 2010, 08:53:08 pm
Hi Lads sorry for the long absence ,

I have had a lot of problems with my gear which is a DX6i and despite friendly advice and repair offers decided it was time to go to the dealers and try to get it sorted out once and for all
drove to Harlow last Tuesday and spoke to John Norris of Horizon and asked him if he would look at my receiver ...which most advice seemed to imply a defect  O0

When I got home from work on Wednesday I found that FED EX had tried to make a delivery ........strange as I had not ordered anything {:-{

Phoned and asked them who was trying to deliver it to me ....answer ...Horizon I was told %%

Unpacked it and found a note from the engineer who had checked it all out [Glen Dorman].....and it said that the antenna was defective and replaced it of charge and then sent it back to me ....Free of charge  %%
In this day and age I find it refreshing to discover SERVICE from anyone , and I am delighted at their response for help from me  :-))

So all being well I can stick it back in my scale model of HMS MANXMAN and drive the others made with all my electronic gear from Action ...bless you Dave ok2
Title: Re: Horizon Hobby UK
Post by: Flying Sparks on July 19, 2010, 08:07:22 am
I second that on Horizon service. I have 2 Spektrum transmiters and quite a few receivers. There have been some receiver software updates and I have had a couple broken receiver ariels, each time I received fast and free service from Horizon  :-)) :-))