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Title: New boy
Post by: eagle on September 21, 2010, 09:58:47 pm
Post number one, just brief few words about me, ex sailor who has realised that this fact does not help at all in model boat building.
                                             I do woodturning to a passable standard and a bit of carving, also made the odd stool, cabinet, table and they have all been allowed to stay indoors. I have a well equipped workshop acquired over the last 40 years, but I have never done any model making until now. I bought a kit, Le Marignam plank on frame trawler and off I went, I finished the hull and deck after about three months and I found it very interesting and learned a lot, but from now on I will need some help as the plans are all in french- no english at all, also what I need more than anything is advise on bending small pieces of plywood and can I buy jigs or do I make my own, do I use steam or just water and so it goes on. also what books and magazines would help me. Sorry to be rambling on as this is supposed to be just an hello, by the way I am also rubbish with computers but with some helpfrom my grand kids should make myself understood
                                                                              Cheers Terry
Title: Re: New boy
Post by: hmsantrim on September 21, 2010, 10:51:44 pm
Hi Terry.
            welcome to the mad house. what you could be doing with is a translation tool which you save in to your  computer favourites column here s a link for one.  click on the link,  the page will open,  then add it to your faves then its just a matter of popping it out the faves column when you need to use it.


                               cheers Frank  :-))
Title: Re: New boy
Post by: Wasyl on September 21, 2010, 11:27:19 pm
Hi Terry,I see Frank the weegie has bid you welcome,Franks ok,just don,t give him any Mars bars!,he,s partial to them,You,ll like it on here,were all raving loonies,
If you,re stuck for a translation of your French instructions,as Frank said you can use the Google translator,or Yahoo Babel Fish,these programs do a good enough job,but they are limited,If you,re really stuck,then perhaps Roger in France might be able to help,

Title: Re: New boy
Post by: tigertiger on September 22, 2010, 01:45:20 am
Welcome aboard Terry :-))
Title: Re: New boy
Post by: hmsantrim on September 22, 2010, 06:34:00 am
 Hi Terry.
            as an old salt you will be aware of how a ship is put together and the names of all the various parts so you speak boat builders
             language straight away unlike some newbies you won`t be saying the pointy bit at the front you know its called the bow.
             You have some "chippy`s skills and tools and the "swmbo" let you keep your produce indoors so you must have some
               good hand skills so don`t sell your self short matey some of this lot think a "spirit level" is what the land lord uses for
                measuring out the drinks.  {-)

                As for computers everyone is c.r.a.p. at it in the beginning but just like any other tool the more you use it the more
                proficient you become with it.
                  When bending wood everyone has their own preferred method although soaking the wood and pining it into place allows
                   the wood to take up and retain the required shape when it has dried out.  There is even an electric plank bender available
                     for that job as well now.

                      The main two magazines for our hobby are called Model boats and marine modeller.  At nearly 4 a whack I advise you
                        to do the same as the rest of us brows it in the shop first if there are items of interest buy it if not then thats 4 going
                        towards the boat building 

                           I am sure we would all like to see some progress of your build get the grand kids to show you how to upload your
                              pix and to post them on the forum you click on "add image to post" below the emoticons follow the 4
                               steps in the dialogue box and you`r sorted.
                            If there is a model boat club near you might want to pay them a visit see how thing are done.  Model
                             boating like most things is constantly changing so I would not think about buying any books until you
                              know which direction you are going to lean towards. You could however buy the model product supplies
                              catalogue like ripmax  etc (forget the names of the others ) this would show you the vast array of materials which
                             are available to get your model made, motored, radioed and sailing round the pond.

                                             cheers  Frank..             

Title: Re: New boy
Post by: eagle on September 22, 2010, 09:44:54 pm
Hi Frank and wasyl
                          Thanks for the info will be trying the translation link to-night, also thanks for the welcome, I will get some pics on as soon as I have figured it out and I will expect plenty of criticism as thats the best way to learn and I am very thick skinned. Thanks Mr Global moderator for your welcome
Title: Re: New boy
Post by: Shipmate60 on September 22, 2010, 10:18:16 pm
Welcome to Mayhem, the name can be very descriptive at times!!
Sorry eagle,
We are not here to criticize, we are here to promote the hobby.
On here there are literally thousands of years of experience who have their own preferred way of doing things.
With all that experience you will usually get several answers to any question, most of which work for the poster.
I hope you enjoy your stay and get hooked on this very addictive hobby.

Title: Re: New boy
Post by: hmsantrim on September 23, 2010, 08:37:52 am
Hi terry.
           RE:and I am very thick skinned...the only thick skinned items here are the sausages wasyl has for breakfast.. {-)

                     sorry wullie!! you can get me back later  :kiss:
Title: Re: New boy
Post by: Wasyl on September 23, 2010, 09:30:19 am
Hi terry.
           RE:and I am very thick skinned...the only thick skinned items here are the sausages wasyl has for breakfast.. {-)

                     sorry wullie!! you can get me back later  :kiss:
As if I would!!!! %)