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Title: Testing Ground/Scotland Again
Post by: Wasyl on September 23, 2010, 01:25:39 am
In the paper yesterday,it was stated that,the Tories, will start means testing those that are on benefits in Aberdeen,This being the first City in the UK to fall under the Gov,s Benefits cuts,..hints of the Poll Tax all over again,first Scotland,then Engerland,... I always new the Russians had no sense of direction,..when they built that dividing wall, %%

Title: Re: Testing Ground/Scotland Again
Post by: pugwash on September 23, 2010, 06:17:11 am
Yeah Wullie and the romans got it wrong as well - they built theirs too far south. I live 30miles north of Hadrians
fence and I'm still 30 miles south of Berwick.  Don't worry its just the government trying to get back all the
extra money that Scotland has had over the past 25+ years under the Barnett formula to the detriment of
poorer areas in England and Wales. 

Geoff - and don't think I dislike the Scots, it is my favourite part of the UK and I've been married to 3 of them
(mothers in law - well thats a different matter)