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Title: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: 50mm on November 09, 2010, 02:36:40 pm
Morning Yall!

I gotta few question being new to Rc subs', usually i race off shore Ic powerboats but after a recent devastating accident involving my mono v and the sea wall, all hands lost with no recovery by the 'coast guard', i have decided that a change in area of model boating is now worth exploring and Subs are taking me by interest after spotting one at a local convention.

First up let me state that this will be my first ever sub, and have no clue where to start, obviously picking a 'Sub type' and an operating ability would be an advantage so before i start with using the dreaded plastic here are my questions where can i buy GPR sub hulls  (anything but German  <*<) im happy to import from Europe, but US sites would be handy, And what do i need to buy/do to make such an item submerge? i have read through the forum, best of my ability and failed to find any information regarding a noobie's guide to subs.

All or any help is appreciated if not i will have to explain to ''she who rules with her thighs'' that i will be getting a new off shore!

Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: Deep Diver on November 09, 2010, 03:46:03 pm

I would say the first thing is to look up the Sub Committee, :-)) then talk to any one in your area that is with the Sub Com.

Go along to any of the meetings that are in your area and ask if they would let you have ago, then if you like it then think about the type of Sub you would like? OLD WW 1 or WW 2 and upto the 1960's or NEW any one after 1970.

Good luck :-))
Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: Mark47 on November 09, 2010, 03:53:48 pm
I've heard this could be a good start to submarines.

Hope this helps.  O0
Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: 50mm on November 09, 2010, 04:01:55 pm
Not a bad suggestion however in my case impractical maybe i should have mentioned this bit, no one locally plays with subs who i can talk to about bits and bob's, this project i am totally reliant on information i can gather myself.
    I am leaning towards a more modern sub but i won't know that until i can see what kits or hulls etc are available to me, being a first timer at this lark its subject to what i find, i doubt i could tackle a scratch build knowing as little as i do about this subject area.

If i had picked Steam launchers, tugs and large yachts i wouldn't be having the issues i have with tracking the right information, if you have any links to point me towards i would be grateful.

Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: thegrimreaper on November 09, 2010, 05:57:18 pm
Play sir did you say play indeed. sub commitee is a good start google dave merriman i think does all sorts on your side of the pond i cant beg to think why you say not German i started in subs 12 months ago with a robbe u47 had heaps of fun with her now progresing onto an Akula. Is a great hobby being in command of a sub. Play indeed lol. oh yes and welcome to the boards  :-))
Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: hollowhornbear on November 09, 2010, 06:00:11 pm
try here your side of the pond (
Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: Subculture on November 09, 2010, 07:01:56 pm
Never been a better time to get into this hobby really, as the range of products compared with say ten years ago is fantastic.

Before making recommendations, it's helpful to know a few details about what you are after.

1. What's your budget. Please don't say as little as possible- buy cheap, buy twice.
2. What size boat are you looking for. You've mentioned you want a GRP hull, so does that rule out injection moulded or vac-formed hulls?
3. What sort of subject are you  interested in. Scale, semi scale, diesel or nuclear boat, what era, what scale would you like and what size would you like your boat to be.

Personally, for a first sub, I would recommend either a nuclear sub or a boat based on a submersible, and I would recommend you get a complete kit. Why?

Simple. These boats handle and perform well underwater, they tend to lack ultra fine detail, which may look nice, but causes drag when submerged and breaks easily. They also tend to be available in small handy sizes. Big boats might look impressive, but they're a handful in every way.

Also many of these boats are available as complete kits, and are often lower in price.
Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: 50mm on November 09, 2010, 07:47:30 pm
Yo Subculture!

Great questions, here are the answers which should help you give me some more advice.

*Budget up to $2500 but that should include everything i will need for this, this is the same budget that my off shore would have cost with all the gubbins.

*Size around the 1m mark possible 1.5m depending on the scale type available ( i own a 4x4 truck,  no issues with size really as long as i can carry it with out doing my back in!)

* interested a decent scale model, they look more realistic which is the idea.

I think you have hit the right spot mentioning Nuclear subs as they are very simple looking which would make things easier in regards to 'damaging detail' in regards to era im not bothered as a first time sub just so long as it works and gives me a basic to learn and progress to something better.

I've asked for a GPR hulls as i have played with ABS (plastic 'vacuformed' hulls) in the past and generally not impressed with there durability, I am a GPR 'master' when it comes to repairs so sticking with a material i am familiar with would be a +

Im open to kits or just hulls and build it as i go with parts either way.
Im not worried about a challenge i have run 'off shores' with twin 4 stroke engines, which anyone who's run these will know getting both engines to idle and be in time with each other can be a nightmare.

Thanks for ya time
Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: Subculture on November 09, 2010, 08:06:39 pm
Okay one last question. When you say you don't want anything German, are you referring a dislike of u-boats, or is that you want nothing that is manufactured there?
Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: 50mm on November 09, 2010, 08:15:54 pm
Nothing German as in u boats yeah, it can be a bit 'touchy' locally, it seams to hit a nerve. I have witnessed kids throw rocks at some 'guys' Bismark  he built needless to say i do not wish to have something destroyed by acts of others over past prejudice, (Detroit is only across the tracks from me, need i say more about attitudes of some?) but im happy to take a German made kit it seams a lot of there production is of high quality.
Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: roedj on November 09, 2010, 11:41:33 pm
Take a look at the Permit kit (just the hull, no WTC but there are lots of available different options) from precisionpattern - dot - com.

Join us next year in Carmel, IN ( end of Julyish) for the Sub Regatta sponsored by the Subcommittee. It's a total education in all things submersible and the admission is free.

Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: Subculture on November 10, 2010, 07:35:09 am
Okay three recommendations for you, by no means the last word on the subject, but these models are very complete, high quality and an excellent introduction to the hobby. Not only that, they suit experienced model submariners too, so these aren't models you will tire of quickly either. With everything you need they all come in under the figure of $2500. None need anything more than four channels for control, although a six channel set is a worthwhile investment.

All three mentioned come with good back-up from their respective companies. They also come with good instructions which is important when entering a new field like this.

Delta by Modell-Uboot-Spezialitšten. Very nice model, small and portable, but super large scale. Operates in small and large ponds equally well. Bright colour makes visibility excellent. Builder can add lights, cameras etc. Distributed in the USA by Matt Thor at Precision pattern. Dan's link takes you elsewhere, so I've reposted the link.


Caswell-Merriman Type 212. A small model once again, and it is a u-boat, but a modern one of the Bundesmarine. The sort of people with the IQ who throw rocks at models regardless of their origin are unlikely to catch on, unless you tell them.

The x-tail and organic-like streamlined hull shape give this boat excellent handling and speed, and this is a very accurate model too.


Last but not least, the Engel Lafayette. Fantastic handling boat, very neutral, and the piston tank ballast system endows it with superb trimming capabilities. All internals are CNC machined, meaning this boat goes together like a snap.

This is the only boat, that to the best of my knowledge is not available directly in the US. however Engel have been in business a long time and many modellers on your side of the pond have their machines merrily swimming away.


Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: 50mm on November 10, 2010, 10:36:55 am
~Dude sweet find! that delta is deffinalty the dogs kahonas! very sweet thanks man!

In the deal with the throwing stones at models, the dude's bismark had the German Swartz sticker on the front of the bow, which makes for easy pickings i guess im not up on the paint jobs of U boasts i was under the assumption that they would also feature markings of similar origin.

Any more suggestions or comments to help is greatly appreciated, please keep em coming i will let you lot know what i decide soon i have some reading to do to make sure i buy the right thing but s i said that delta is pretty wicked looking! :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))
Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: sunworksco on November 12, 2010, 03:09:23 am
When you are sailing any model at that location, you are probably going to get mugged, anyway!  <*<
Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: HS93 (RIP) on November 12, 2010, 05:41:14 am
When you are sailing any model at that location, you are probably going to get mugged, anyway!  <*<

what and where are you talking about?????
Title: Re: Sub's Where to start?
Post by: 50mm on November 12, 2010, 08:02:30 am
at 2am its likely anyone could mug me! but its not that bad here, you just have to know how to deal with people in a way they understand. Think there's more chance of getting done in a drive by rather then getting mugged, fortunately its only Detroit that's pretty bad for crimes u hit where i am by the University its quite'ish', but i certainly wouldn't sail solo usually theres a few of us going, one of them is a man of the law with a tazar lol!