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Title: Zwarte Zee complete
Post by: AlisterL on January 12, 2011, 09:54:40 AM
A few years ago now - about 3 or 4 - I found a Zwarte Zee kit on NZ's eBay equivalent (called TradeMe) that has been started, but was not complete.
Basically the ABS hull had been trimmed a bit and some cuts made into the hull where they shouldn't have been and the frames glued in (badly). I suspect the original purchaser had bitten off more than he could chew. I able to get the kit for less than 1/2 retail price as I recall.

Upon inspection I found that the frames were not square and because the hull had not been keyed for the glue I was able to pull the frames out of the hull and separate them, allowing me to basically start again.

I have not done a build log, so have no photos of the construction. In short I did not find this kit easy to complete. Billing suggest that this kit is for an advanced modeller and I agree - a far greater knowledge of ships in general and in model construction would have been very good. There was no detailed step-by-step instructions available, just a general and short list of suggestions, although the drawings were quite detailed. I found that not everything that is supposed to be assembled was actually drawn. Consequently while I say that it is finished, in reality there are a number of small fittings and such that have been left off. On the other hand I'm quite happy with what I've achieved and if I steps back a pace or two it looks the part! Running gear is a can motor from a 12v drill running through a 3:1 reduction gear. Power is from a 6v 5Ah SLA and using a Electronise ESC. On the bench at full throttle current drain is 1.07 amps which I think is more than acceptable. There is about 1Kg of lead shot as ballast and a 100g strip of lead to correct a slight list.

Today was the first visit to the lake although it had previously been in the domestic test tank (internal) and the domestic test tank (external (a small pool)). The first run went well, but was not without it's problems: Performance was good, full throttle is above scale and she responds to rudder input well - at least while going forward. Going astern is a different story! However I did have problems with the throttle control. Those familiar with Electronise ESC's will know that if the main battery for the motor is connected when the radio gear is turned on, the esc will do a short burst of forward then reverse to the motor. Unfortunately several times while out on the lake the boat went into reverse throttle spontaneously. Other than this happening it did not cause any problems, but obviously it's not right.
Previously while bench testing I noticed problems with the power supply to the receiver and eventually replaced the battery holder as it had previously been repaired. It seems that the holder had, over time, deformed a little and was allowing the batteries to slip a little. This battery holder was replaced, but it would seem that another problem still exists. However, I was unable to duplicate the new problem on the bench. I've done some mucking around and re-done the battery connections to the receiver switch (I'm using a connector like used on a 9v battery and the replaced connector was a bit of a bodge), so I guess we'll see what happens next time I'm out with her.

Anyway, a couple of shots of Zwarte Zee on the water:

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Title: Re: Zwarte Zee complete
Post by: hama on January 12, 2011, 07:07:50 PM
You should be proud, she looks smashing! Some detail shots too please. I must say that the Zwarte Zee is a really beautiful vessel. Perhaps one should keep a sharp lookout on the internet auctions?
All the best!
Title: Re: Zwarte Zee complete
Post by: pupjoint on January 12, 2011, 07:52:11 PM
Really nice job you've done there AlisterL and all for a bargain off an auction site  :-))
Title: Re: Zwarte Zee complete
Post by: AlisterL on January 12, 2011, 08:47:54 PM
Thanks for your comments guys - much appreciated.

Yes I would recommend keeping an eye on auction sites as unfinished kits do crop up every now and then. In fact I spotted yesterday a partly assembled Nichimo Yamato kit which I briefly considered sacrificing my first-born for - but then rational thoughts about martial harmony kicked in :) I would suggest that if people do look at kits that have been started and need rescuing that you make sure as much as you possibly can that all of the parts are present or close to it and also to make sure that you can replace through a LHS or somewhere any missing parts.

Anyway, as per Hama's request, here are some closer shots.

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One of the mods I did make was at the fo'c'sle with the nice brass winch that is provided in the kit. I must say that I assumed that, given it's location, it was for the anchors. In the instructions there were bits to detail around where the anchors went into the hull and I assumed up to the winch. But there was no mention of nor any means to prevent water getting into the hull. My mod was in two parts. Firstly using a on bit of aluminium tube (from a R/C heli I damaged) I made a tube on each side from the point on the hull where the anchor went in going up to the winch. Secondly I needed somewhere for the anchor chain to go and so using a bit of 1/8" tube I made an entry into what I think would be the chain locker - excuse my terminology if I have it wrong. So the anchor chain supplied in the kit is glued into these smaller tubes loops over the drum on the winch and down to the anchors. Most of this can be seen here:

( (

I couldn't bring myself to paint the winch :)
Title: Re: Zwarte Zee complete
Post by: AlisterL on January 12, 2011, 10:15:58 PM
Well I'm still having the problem with the motor going into reverse. Several times today it was in reverse for a few bursts i.e. forward-reverse-stop-reverse-stop-reverse-stop and then ok again for a bit... Given that I'm right next to a construction site I'm wondering if I'm getting some sort of interference from that/them, but as this particular radio set is a Futaba 29MHz AM set that might be unlikely. Or is it? I guess it could be any combination of tx/rx/esc that is the problem. However as it's a 2ch TX talking to a 4ch RX I guess I should swap that first.
Title: Re: Zwarte Zee complete
Post by: AlisterL on January 13, 2011, 10:34:21 PM
Good news, good news! During some testing yesterday afternoon in the external test tank I had the glitch occur - yay! Something to work on. I replaced the receiver and still noticed it, I then replaced the ESC (the replacement had a BEC so that eliminated the receiver battery and switch too) and didn't noticeably get the reversing problem but did notice some glitching of the rudder servo - it could be heard more than seen. At that point the only thing that hadn't been replaced was the transmitter, so I duly went and found what I had thought was a slightly faulty Futaba Conquest series 4-channel TX. And spent the next 10-15 minutes or so without any problems whatsoever.

I've just had a really good sail, probably 15 - 20 minutes at my local lake (excellent conditions today too) without any problems whatsoever. So it seems I have a faulty 2 channel transmitter and that explains a few things I've noticed over the years as I've used that for two other models and on one of them (my PT 109) I have noticed the occasional odd behaviour, so it's all now making a bit of sense. The TX that has failed is an old Futaba FP-T2PK pistol grip that I was given as a birthday present to control my first boat - a Moonglow - and it's about, oh, 25 years old! I guess it's done quite well then.

WRT the slightly fault 4 channel, I had thought that it had a problem with it's frequency as when it was on 29.945 and the T2PK was on 29.985 I seemed to get interference, so I have not been able to use both at the same time. Maybe it was the T2PK after all. Either way I will try to avoid using it when anyone else is on 29MHz unless it can be proved that there is no fault.

And I need to add a little ballast to the rear of the ZZ as it seems to be a little bow down.
Title: Re: Zwarte Zee complete
Post by: AlisterL on June 12, 2011, 04:22:53 AM

Taken today (June 12th 2011) by my son.
Title: Re: Zwarte Zee complete
Post by: Circlip on June 12, 2011, 10:30:27 AM
Glitch may be a "Dry" joint on the transmitter panel Alister. A failing component usually just dies.

  Regards  Ian.
Title: Re: Zwarte Zee complete
Post by: AlisterL on June 12, 2011, 10:49:22 AM
Yes good point Ian - I didn't think of it that way... thank you!
Title: Re: Zwarte Zee complete
Post by: tugnut on June 12, 2011, 04:24:28 PM
Nice model Alister looks good on the lake to,