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Title: BAILED-OUT BANKS and continued sponsorship
Post by: Yarpie on February 26, 2011, 08:25:40 pm
I was extremely surprised to note the ROYAL BANK of SCOTLAND were sponsoring during the televised rugby today. >:-o

This outfit has just announced an annual loss of 1.13 BILLION, to compound a previous annual loss of 3.6 BILLION last year. >>:-(

Why is it allowed to spend taxpayers (shareholders now) money at various high profile events whilst deeply in debt to the taxpayers of this nation? :o

Should not any sponsorship deals have been scrapped when the Group went cap in hand to borrow money from the taxpayer to keep it solvent? O0 O0

Familiar names, such as WOOLWORTHS were never accorded the same privileges when they 'went to the wall'.

Or was "Profligate Prudence" safeguarding his own Scottish interests when his Darling decided to bail out RBS? %)