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Title: Brushless 400/480 replacement
Post by: Flatspin7 on March 03, 2011, 06:52:37 pm
I am new to boats but thought this may be of interest as a replacement for 400/480 brushed motors.  supply the Black Mantis B2846 1100KV Inrunner 11.67gbp

It is a lower kv special rewind and works very well as a powerful drop  in replacement for brushed motors.

I wanted a powerful exact fit replacement for a glider : obvious choice was an outrunner but that wouldn't fit easily. Rob at giant cod suggested this since it's low kv means it will swing a bigger prop at outrunner revs. Runs really smooth and produces 120-145 watts at 10-12 amps. Seems nice quality at the price. I have three, all work well.
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