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Title: HMS Skirmisher
Post by: bobk on June 08, 2011, 11:26:38 am
HMS Skirmisher

Following on from my earlier thread titled R Class Destroyer, I established it was in fact HMS Skirmisher.  A nearly complete model acquired on E-Bay.  I have been re-learning modelling skills obscured by over three decades of abstinence.  Bought as something to sail whilst my K sub is on the stocks, it has required quite a bit of rework and restoration.

No electrics, apart from a couple of old motors that I replaced with new 400’s, and a rudder servo in need of work.  My first ever boat electronics, plus in having to rebuild all the internal woodwork etc it was an enjoyable experience doing miniature woodwork again, well a lot smaller than household DIY.  Two Viper ESC’s, an accessible switch panel with charging sockets, and a big lead acid battery that takes it exactly onto waterline.  Mounted the rudder servo, adjusting linkages so that ‘zero’ is centre with equal travel either side.

( (  (click to enlarge)

First sea trials at Black Park Lake:
( (

Learning curve !   Trying to control both motors on separate sticks was challenging, so I fitted a mixer unit so I can operate everything on just one control stick.  Long boat with props close together.  I will next try using a Y lead instead.  It has a large enough rudder.

The exterior was in need of some restoration, plus replacing missing or broken parts.  No ships boats, davits, broken off torpedo tubes.  I love detailing and painting so it is fun getting it back to original spec.

Sincere thank to Deans Marine for their help, advice, and kind assistance.  I now have much better knowledge of the ships history, in addition to my many hours of trawling Google.

The ships boats have been my favourite part so far.  With vacuum formings from Deans, collected at the Beale Park Show, I realised that they would require a very much scratch built approach.  Again, Googling to glean as much info on ships boats of this era, I built them up using Plasticard and Plastruct sections.

( (

Still a lot to do.  Re-rigging.  Paintwork restoration.  Having a detailed photo of a contemporary warship porthole I intend re-doing those as well.  Story so far . . .

( (

After my K Class boat is commissioned I am very tempted to try the Deans Marine HMS Majestic.
Title: Re: HMS Skirmisher
Post by: pugwash on June 08, 2011, 12:35:54 pm
Bob you have made a really nice job of refurbishing her, everything looks spot on.
But referring to the original posts I still can't find a photo of her with the after mast.
Have looked high and low. 
Hope the sea-trials went okay.

Title: Re: HMS Skirmisher
Post by: bobk on June 08, 2011, 02:06:17 pm
Thank you Geoff.

I agree there are very few images of this online, but I understand that over the years Deans have ‘saved’ several stores of Admiralty photo records that were about to be dumped.  Personally I like this colour scheme. 
I have now had three outings on Black Park Lake, each time learning and improving how she sails.  Handles well.
The portholes will be interesting.  43 per side
Title: Re: HMS Skirmisher
Post by: DickyD on June 08, 2011, 02:18:42 pm
Geoff is right, there are dozens of photos of  this ship and her sister ship out there and not one has a rear mast.

Other than that it is an excellent model.
Title: Re: HMS Skirmisher
Post by: bobk on June 08, 2011, 03:05:52 pm
I repeat - I am not going to be drawn into this long term "spat".  Whilst there are over a dozen sites, they are mostly variations of the same three photos, all with pre-refit short funnels.  Sentinel had one mast, and so does the kit.  Due to smoke obscuring signals Skirmisher was fitted with a second, at least for a period.  There were other variations within the class, and at different times, as these were a developing prototype role.  Significant changes of armament, radio equipment, etc.
Title: Re: HMS Skirmisher
Post by: DickyD on June 08, 2011, 03:11:08 pm
Sorry, keep your hair on, it was just an observation, its your boat do what pleases you. >:-o
Title: Re: HMS Skirmisher
Post by: bobk on June 08, 2011, 05:54:05 pm
Sorry Dicky, no offence intended. 
It just seems that every time this kit is mentioned on Mayhem the thread ends up criticising manufacturer accuracy. 

I am just recording my enjoyment of getting back into the hobby, re-learning skills I thought I had forgotten, plus aquiring new skills and meeting new friends. 

Any advice on how to re-do the rigging please?  That's an area I've not been to before on boats. 
(ie Tip 1:  Don't start with a 6 ft HMS Victory)  :D
Title: Re: HMS Skirmisher
Post by: farrow on June 14, 2011, 03:39:57 pm
Have you tried Portsmouth Naval Base museum, I say this because they have thousands of photos in their records. They gave me a photo of the Assistance of about 1875, when I enquired. Two of this class of scouts where built in pompey.
Title: Re: HMS Skirmisher
Post by: bobk on June 14, 2011, 10:28:51 pm
Thank you 'Dodes'.  That could be well worth a try, if I ask them very nicely. 
Title: Re: HMS Skirmisher
Post by: bobk on June 26, 2011, 03:51:01 pm
I finally got my HMS Skirmisher driving sweetly today. 

Half the fun of ships is the progressive trial and error in developing your boat and skills, step by step.  After rebuilding the complete interior and fitting out with electrics, then fitting better motors, trying a mixer for the twin props before going on to a Y-lead instead, it was still rocketting off like an MTB on just a touch of throttle making it hard to control.

This weeks revamps started off with swapping out the 'scale' 30 mm props with 25 mm.  Unfortunately the old props were BA threads, so were the shafts, and the U.J.'s.  Lapping in the M4 shafts to run smoothly in the old shaft outers took some time.  After a 'bath test' to make sure I had both props revolving in the right directions it was back to Black Park on a glorious sunny Sunday morning.

She ran so nicely, docile and responsive to the controls. I had no trouble navigating between the crowded shipping lanes or docking practice.
If it had not been for family commitments I could happily have spent the day there.  Hopefully many more sunny day to come this summer  O0

Now I can focus on building my K Class submarine.  What I have learned on the cruiser has been invaluable towards this project.
Title: Re: HMS Skirmisher
Post by: bobk on July 03, 2011, 12:55:06 pm
It is a lot harder to steer and photograph at the same time as I thought it would be, however attached here are some images from Black Park today.

( (  (click to enlarge)
( (
( (

Some final bits still to do. Replacing the rigging, then drilling out the 'moulded' porthole shapes and filling the holes with epoxy.