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Title: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: GAZOU on June 15, 2011, 09:16:06 pm

hello j' stays firmly decided not to make more of Gazouland, that s' blew. And then while discussing with an old knowledge there were ideas. D' Gazouland access and l' organization of my pal will amalgamate, one does not know how that s' but one will call s' in fout. One will benefit from his structure, buildings, medical, d' plan; water, one will make us like d' practice, Gazouland over the week, and will arrive to him Friday, Saturday, Sunday with its organization. We will be well helped by the community of communes of the corner. One should manage to join together a hundred boats, and beautiful, the very beautiful ones One will thus make a contest of towing of cargo liners and barges one will make a towing of oil platform which will take fire and the tug boats and beg will enter in action one will make a contest of traction and pushed tug boats one will make a beautiful procession of parade with gray there will be submarines and of the sailing ships housing one you will speak again about it but wait to be surprised, gazoulandais them first year redemandent some, but there will be for all the tastes. (comfort) There will be one evening to finish saturdays with animations, you will be able to have fun the festival (possible earthquakes) and to remain to sleep on the spot Large clubs will be invited Ca will do without the week l' rise in the Poitevin Marsh, where the weather is always nice. animations will be planned for the ladies, visits, randos with feet and in the bicycles (c' is very flat) and there will be tricks to gain. If you have questions, wishes or suggestions if that started one could even go WITH the PUY OF the INSANE one which is a really exceptional spectacle or in Futuroscope  One is firmly decided to do something d' unforgettable    :kiss: ok2  

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j'étais fermement décidé à ne plus faire de Gazouland, ça s'essouflait.

Et puis en discutant avec une vieille connaissance on a eu des idées. D'abord Gazouland et l'organisation de mon pote vont fusionner, on ne sait pas comment ça s'appellera mais on s'en fout.

On profitera de sa structure, batiments, sanitaires, plan d'eau, nous on fera comme d'habitude, Gazouland sur la semaine, et lui arrivera le vendredi, samedi, dimanche avec son organisation. Nous serons bien aidés par la communauté de communes du coin.

On devrait arriver à réunir une centaine de bateaux, et des beaux, très beaux

On fera donc un concours de remorquage de cargos et de barges

on fera un remorquage de plate-forme pétrolière qui prendra feu et les remorqueurs et supplies entreront en action

on fera un concours de traction et de poussée de remorqueurs

on fera un beau défilé de parade avec des gris

on aura des sous-marins

et des voiliers

le logement on vous en reparlera mais attendez vous à être surpris, les gazoulandais de la première année en redemandent, mais il y en aura pour tous les goûts. ( confort)

Il y aura une soirée pour finir le samedi avec des animations, vous pourrez faire la fête ( tremblements de terre possibles) et rester dormir sur place

De grands clubs seront invités

Ca se passera la semaine de l'ascension dans le Marais Poitevin, là où il fait toujours beau.

des animations seront prévues pour les dames, visites, randos à pieds et en vélos ( c'est tout plat )

et il y aura des trucs à gagner.

Si vous avez des questions , des souhaits ou des suggestions

si ça a démarré on pourrait même aller AU PUY DU FOU qui est un spectacle vraiment exceptionnel ou au Futuroscope

On est fermement décidés à faire quelque chose d'inoubliable et pour les modélistes et pour leurs compagnes

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Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: nhp651 on June 15, 2011, 09:50:06 pm
am i the only one, but i didn't understand anything of what  you were trying to say Gazou, either in English or France' apart from bonjour!


Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: Sub driver on June 16, 2011, 10:35:45 am
??????????. I think it must have got lost in translation, please try again.
Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: GAZOU on June 16, 2011, 06:37:45 pm

My god I turn over to  school and I write better. So long

Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: Arrow5 on June 16, 2011, 08:51:44 pm
Any of our French speakers assist ?  Just guessing but sounds like an event in a medieval theme park .  Nice backgrounds if it is.
Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: GAZOU on June 21, 2011, 08:31:51 am

Warning boy's, my nick name is Gazou ( remember WARWICK, pink boat and supply with hydraulic crane )%)

I'm going to prepare "GAZOULAND 2012" a meeting of the french forum which I manage with my friend Patrick

In this meeting there should be about one hundred fine boats
there will be a towage competition with cargos boats and barges
there will also be a competition of haulage and pushing
an oil rig will be hauled then set on fire Boats will put out the fire
there will be a parade of grey boats
there will also be submarines and sailing boats
Then we'll give a dancing party we can put people up for the nigt in mobil home this will take place for Hollydays between the 13th and the 20 th of MAY 2012 in the West of France.
several activities will be organized for women, walking, cycling, sightseeing
The price of the stay will be quite low, about 100 € a wweek for one people.


Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: nhp651 on June 21, 2011, 09:07:16 am
Now that, I can understand, and sounds interesting for those who can get  over there.

Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: Arrow5 on June 21, 2011, 09:51:03 am
Aha, the centime drops  O0 ... Warwick Show with the offshore boat.  Looks like a good idea for a trip to France in 2012.   Was there one in 2011 ?
Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: GAZOU on June 21, 2011, 02:42:38 pm

Yes Arrow5

Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: KBIO on June 28, 2011, 08:26:00 pm
Good evening! ok2
I tell you what! If GAZOU decides to do it right, it will do the right thing;
The spot , he proposes, is very friendly and women will love the surounding. The sunniest place of the South West .
This meeting is base on friendship and exchange between modelists without a wild spirit of competition but instead : fun and good life. :-))
Sails, steam, tug,... any kind of boat and good humor is requested to be GAZOU's friend! Laugh guaranted! O0
Hope you come! ok2
Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: GAZOU on September 18, 2011, 11:24:39 am

Hello friendly modelers, and friendly modeling clubs !

As you know at present, it’s been 6 years this forum’s members:
meet, for the Ascension week. This year the event will last Sunday 13 may 2012 to Sunday 20 may 2012 to enjoy fun with friends or family around a lake.
This meeting is just friendly and is not related in anyway to any kind of race, or official competition, but good feeling.
It provides us with a link to gather modelers from everywhere, whatever the skills levels they have no matter the different kinds of boats, to have fun altogether, from Sunday to the next one. We made the choice of the Ascension’s week because of the generally speaking nice weather at this time of the year, and because of the Thursday Holiday that makes most of people easier to join.
According to the constantly rising success of this event and to the wish of numerous clubs, we made up our minds to plan for a huge 2012 meeting and to ask you, your family and your club to join.
This meeting is fully unrelated with any kind of federal organization, thus everybody is to take part on his own responsibility

We should be very glad if you would take part to this GAZOULAND 2012 that will be held at the Lake of Varennes à, next to MARCON, Sarthe department


GPS data:
Lat...... 47° 42' 45.00 N
Long......0° 29' 57.48 E
.in the area Tours / Le Mans / Vendôme, say about 1h45 drive from PARIS.
( (

The outstanding place is fully dedicated to the sailing of our modelboats. All of them are accepted, but the thermics ones that will be only one hour each half day allocated every day.
Accommodation will be provided very close to the lake in mobile - homes and bungalows.
Each bungalow is up to six beds, that is to say singles can gather in bungalow to share its rental, and each club will define the number of people in each bungalow booked.
A huge room will be offered to store all the models 20 m walk to water. This room will be converted into the dining room and ballroom for the closing night.
Concerned with your family issues, let us let you know you join with whom you want, you stay as long as you wish, sail just whenever you plan. You also can live for walking around , there are so many things to do , for example to visit numerous well-known La Loire Castles (AMBOISE, CHAUMONT SUR LOIRE, LANGEAIS, VALENCAY, CHEVERNY, LE LUDE, LUCHE-PRINGE, etc.) taste cheeses and wineyards, cycling and so on.

You have the choice to manage your food on your own or to use the available settings.

Indicating price for accommodation is around 70 euro each for the full week, it will be confirmed at booking time.
This price looks around the same as 2 nights in the surroundings hotels.
Anyway, camping cars, vans and tents won’t be forgotten, location prices are listed on the camping site – see below.

This year we guess we are lucky to welcome Portugal, Belgium, United Kingdom citizens and Germans … and their amazing models

Here are the different features planned ::
* meeting "Youpi"
*meeting old sails
Steamers :
* display and sailing
*builder’s show of their outstanding crafts.
*steam talks
* steam tugs towing competition
* hovercraft and off-shores display and sailing
* tug maneuvering and mooring competition of cargo and barge ships in a 100m2 harbor.
* tug towing competition according to the different scales 1/15..........1/33.........1/50°
* propellers engine powers comparison : Voith, Schottel, Z-drive, classic.
*display and sailing
* explanations on the different propellers powering.

* Many workshops including one for painting and roofs weathering.
If you ever wish to get involved in any kind of workshop of yours, please feel free to tell us so that we manage to plan it.

Friendly appetizer followed by dancing dinner will close the event Saturday night (fancy dress advised like the Devil, Angels, Hell)
Sunday : fridges out taking and go.

To make us manage for a good care of the meeting, and to please the most please and to greet you at our best, please let us know fast as you can the days of how many people are coming.
Let us know if you plan to stay few days after the meeting.
We expect 60 modelers whom families should be added.
We are confident you won’t go disappointed and make new friends.
Possibilité de prolonger votre séjour.

For further information, please mail : lespagnoljp ( a)
@ remplacé par A ( là ji pas compris ! ) 

Note: This meeting has no commercial goal, then no trade will be allowed during all the time it will last. Of course, those taking parts are to exchange and to give whatever they want to any of them.
Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: Tug-Kenny RIP on September 18, 2011, 12:16:52 pm

Hi Gazou

Your posting brings home the importance of why we need members locations in their PROFILES.   :}

Where in France are you ?  Below is the general message we send to members without locations.

Members are requested to give a brief indication of their LOCATION as this often allows Members nearby to help each other and can also assist when recommending clubs or suppliers.

Thank you


Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: GAZOU on October 10, 2011, 02:41:12 pm

hello KEN
 I live in ROCHEFORT, the country of Hermione and Cognac between La Rochelle and BORDEAUX the country of the wine.
I await you
 {-) O0
Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: Tug-Kenny RIP on October 10, 2011, 03:05:34 pm

I'd love to, Gazou.   :}

I was referring to Martin's post at the top of the screen in GREEN which show us how to enter our locations under our name in our profiles.



Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: KBIO on October 11, 2011, 08:21:45 am
Good morning!
I live in ROCHEFORT, the country of Hermione and Cognac between La Rochelle and BORDEAUX the country of the wine.
I agree that they have a delicious Pineau des Charentes there, but what GAZOU does not say is, that : Charentes' economy is based on "the Mogette" =  an excellent bean they grow there but that has a desastrous effect on the ozone layer due to the excessive consumption of the indigens! O0 {-) {-)
Still a nice place to spend holidays though! ok2
Regards! :-)
Title: Re: GAZOULAND convention in France
Post by: GAZOU on October 13, 2011, 07:41:24 pm
Hello GAZOULAND fellows !

Here are great news for you all, i just have got the accomodation price list for the bungalows rental.
It's less than last year and more comfortable.
That is to say :
- 65 euros per person for the full week in a 4 to 6 mates bungalow. Price drops to 47 euros per person if the 6 mates are in the bungalow.
- 55 euros per person for the full week in a 6 to 8 mates bungalow. Price drops to 42 euros per person if the 8 mates are in the bungalow
These prices should be compared with those of hotels around.

These prices include the provided room to store the models.
Pet dogs owners will be asked an extra charge of 20 euros.

I already booked eight of the 4/6 bungalows and one of the 6/8 bungalows on the twelve available for the event..
These twelve might be not enough so I need to know what your plans are in order to ask for some more available.

Areas for camping-cars, vans et others are not to be booked at this time , but let me know wether or not you plan to join would be fine
Best regards,

KEN, is good for location      mmmm  lovely.  ken   :}