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Title: You just have to laugh dont you
Post by: BlueWotsit on October 22, 2011, 04:12:29 pm
The usual RNLI Lifeboat model being sold regularly on Ebay.

Just read the following description and I ask --  How can the boat itself be in very good condition then all the faults are detailed - words fail me !!!

Condition: Please read the condition carefully, as there are a few faults: I have both the remote control and the aerial, but they are not attached. The small piece of metal that connects the aerial to the remote control seems to be missing. Probably very easy to find.

The boat itself is in very good condition overall, but some of the plastic railing is missing on one side. Please bear it in mind. One of the headlights on the front of the boat is missing. A small piece of plastic on the railing directly in front of the bow window is missing. This is a very small piece. A cleat (The thing you tie the ropes around in the harbour) is missing on either side at the front.  A small thing on the very tip of the bow is missing - not sure what it was - but it was very small and missing. Not sure if a red bollard at the front is missing - possibly.

I have no idea if it is working. As far as I know it is working but I cannot guarantee it. Please bear this in mind.

It is not perfect but these lifeboats are very hard to find. This is a rare thing.
Title: Re: You just have to laugh dont you
Post by: treeboa on October 22, 2011, 05:09:05 pm
Owing to a few small issues the buyer should once purchased cut the model vertically in half then after thowing these ends away have a competition winning stand