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Title: Marie Felling
Post by: RobinStobbs on May 25, 2012, 12:07:01 pm
I recently came across an old thread in which discussions took place on the looks of the EAR&H harbour tug 'Marie Felling'. Rather than post to an apparently 'dead' thread I decided to post a new one!

If I ever manage to achieve one of my goals before that dratted 'grim reaper' comes to call, it will be a model of the 'Marie Felling' which I knew so well in Kilindini Harbour,  Mombasa.

I'm not sure how accurate the Caldercraft model is but I sure would not build her with that 'knickerbocker glory' colour scheme!  I would build her as she was in her tropical uniform of all white hull and superstructure, minus lifeboat which was replaced by carley floats.  The latter improved her appearance no end.

Has anybody built this model as she was as an EAR&H harbour tug?


ps. I don't have pics of my own but a Google search for her will bring up a few pics as she was in Mombasa around the 1950s.
Title: Re: Marie Felling
Post by: Neil on May 25, 2012, 12:51:06 pm
I built one of her prototype pre kit manufacture  (along with Ray Kipling ......I think, who built the other) to make sure all the parts fitted correctly) For John Wright when he first took over Caldercraft, and wrote a review about her.

I built her exactly as per Caldercaraft instructions..............and then she spent 6 months with Marten Howes and Bayliss as a test bed for their new prototype (short run) 3 cylinder steam engine and boiler.

After that I wrote a review for Marine modelling titled "An idiots view to steaming up"..........I being the idiot.

Never got used to getting the engine steaming properly and after going fully clothed into Fleetwood lake one morning TWICE within an hour, I gave up and sold it to a chap Called Mike Ward who owned a museum for model boats and planes at Papplewick, Nottingham.

I enjoyed the build, and it was (IMHO) an easier build than the Imara from the same stable, but not as pretty, again imho.
Title: Re: Marie Felling
Post by: rmaddock on May 25, 2012, 01:04:26 pm
This popped up on google:
Title: Re: Marie Felling
Post by: RobinStobbs on May 25, 2012, 01:40:19 pm
That's a nice pic, isn't it? Two more nice pics from the Internet are: