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Title: Use of Wicksteed Park Boating Lake
Post by: spearfish99 on June 19, 2012, 10:39:39 pm
Hi All,

Just looking for some info.  I live not far from Wicksteed Park and I would like to run there. I am interested in both electric and I.C. powered boats.

I know that there is a Wicksteed MBC which operates on one day during week and one week-end day, but they limit themselves, as I understand it , to electric craft only.

An acquaintance of mine who lives right by the Park tells me that he has investigated the issue and the original Park charter or whatever means that the lake is open for use for anyone who pays the entrance fee to the park and their clear advertising a model boat lake as a feature of the park would tend to confirm this. He uses ic boats there when not in use by the club.

An email to Wicksteed evoked a non commital answer as to who and how the lake could be used. More like the person didn't know and couldn't be bothered to find out rather than there being any great doubt over the issue.

Does anyone know what the actual situation is?  I have 3rd party insurance through the BMPRS and am aware of noise issues etc. Just don't want to cause any aggro!
Title: Re: Use of Wicksteed Park Boating Lake
Post by: Stavros on June 19, 2012, 11:08:27 pm
Pm message sent

Title: Re: Use of Wicksteed Park Boating Lake
Post by: Andyn on June 19, 2012, 11:19:32 pm
Another one sent from myself :-))
Title: Re: Use of Wicksteed Park Boating Lake
Post by: Martin [Admin] on June 20, 2012, 12:05:49 am

Also, talk to the guys of Wicksteed model boat club -
 - they manage the lake on behalf of the park management -

Title: Re: Use of Wicksteed Park Boating Lake
Post by: scoop on June 20, 2012, 09:47:01 am
The model boating lake is owned by Wicksteed and should therefore be managed by Wicksteed.

As with all public places the owners have a duty of care to ensure that anyone using any of their facilities does so in a safe and controlled manner.

The Wicksteed MBC are allowed to use the lake 24/7 with the managements agreement, if someone is going around stating that the MBC manage the lake on behalf of Wicksteed then they need to be very careful indeed as should an incident / accident occur then the MBC could find themselves in 'deep water' so to speak.
Do they (the MBC) have proper risk assessments, H&S policies, child protection policies etc in place and published ? More importantly have Wicksteed management ensured that these policies are in place and complied with ?

Spearfish. You are correct in saying that if you pay your entry fee you are entitled to use the 'free' facilities, you do not have to be a member of Wicksteed MBC to use the lake.  :-))

I'm afraid in todays society of litigation we all need to recognise and minimise risks and by doing so we can reduce the chances of an accident happening in the first place, it really boils down to awareness, I'm afraid ignorance of rules, regulations and the law is no defence in a court of law.

Title: Re: Use of Wicksteed Park Boating Lake
Post by: Martin [Admin] on June 20, 2012, 02:33:18 pm

 Go to the club and check - - (
Title: Re: Use of Wicksteed Park Boating Lake
Post by: raflaunches on June 20, 2012, 06:00:14 pm
Hi Spearfish

I am the son of the current chairman of Wicksteed Park MBC and have a certain amount of knowledge on the use of the boating lake.
To confirm the use of the lake, anyone can use the boating lake especially if you paid to enter the park, I/C power is being investigated by the club at the moment because of the increased amount of interest in this type of boat and we hope that it can be written into the new Risk Assessment.  I do not know who you contacted at Wicksteed Park but there are a couple of on going changes so your inquiry may have facilitated an incomplete response.

The problem with I/C powered boats within the park is the noise as the locals complained so much to Wicksteed Park management when they had a steam loco train in the park, but I believe that the WPMBC committee are sorting out some regulations regarding I/C so watch this space!

Any one using the lake must use it in responsible way ensuring they abide by the basic rules that any club has, such as frequency control.
We try not to prevent anyone using the lake as it is everyone's right to use the model boat lake but if I/C is introduced it will be under stricter rules than other types of model boat.

If you are interested in joining the club there is a meeting at the Beeswing in Kettering on Monday 25 June starting at 7.30 pm.
Hope this helps.

Nick B
Title: Re: Use of Wicksteed Park Boating Lake
Post by: scoop on June 20, 2012, 06:34:41 pm
Hi Nick B

I would have thought stricter rules should also apply to Fast Electric's. Take for instance that wonderful fast electric boat that was at the 2011 Mayhem event....capable of 80 mph in an instant and built like a missile, the guy that demonstrated it couldn't understand why he was allowed to run it when IC powerboats were not allowed.......I had to agree with him that his boat was much much faster than our IC racing boats and therefore capable of far more damage  :o ......trouble is people assume noise means really fast and dangerous but this is not always the case  :-))

ps Would love to pop along to your club meeting to meet you all but unfortunately I'm on afternoon shift  :((