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Title: introduction
Post by: dickylew on July 14, 2012, 08:47:23 pm
Hi all, this is my first post here so not sure if doing this rite,thought it only polite to introduce myself.
Ive always had a passion for model boats but have been out of the hobby for some time now now due to family commitments and seperation but hope to get back on board in the near future.
When I was about 6 or 7 years old my uncle bought me a small pond yaught that we sailed at blackheath pond in south east London, he then bought me a second hand patrol boat with a 540 size motor, there was no remote control and i remember the battery being so heavy it made the boat well below the waterline but have fond memories sailing it, I think it may a have been an earokit model, i still have it in my fathers garage, a bit worse for wear now but may one day try and get it running again.
Thats what first got me hooked on model boats.
Ive always had an interest in torpedo/fast patrol boats but also like war ships and subs.
About 15 years ago built a Robbe PT15 torpedo boat and sailed it at the mast pond in Chatham not far form where I live, I have also built a Deans Marine HMS bronnington Ton class Minesweeper and a very tiny plastic sub that i converted with micro servos.

Its sad to see that this hobby seem to have declined over the years, i guess with the recession and with kids being more interested in playsations (my son included)
I used to enjoy taking the kids to Beal Park Boat show and was a great day out for me and the kids, shame that this and any many other shows are struggling.

I was pleased however when i found this website and there is still a good number of people interested.

Now ive found it ill browse here when i can and try to keep up to date in the model boat world until I I can start the hobby again hopefully in the very near future.

Title: Re: introduction
Post by: Stavros on July 14, 2012, 09:02:22 pm
Hi and welcome to the site One of our members here has sailed for a very long time on Blackheath pond with his straight runners Phil Abbot aka Staem Boat Phil,If I am right in thinking it was either his Grandfather or his Father who founded the Blackheath Club where you used to sail on.

We will look fwd to your first build which of course you will post up here,wpnt you .

Dont be afraid of asking a question at all and it doesnt matter a hoot if it sounds stupid to yourself, just ask we wont laugh as believe you ME we will have allready thought of it ourselves and asked it .

Title: Re: introduction
Post by: Colin Bishop on July 14, 2012, 09:14:37 pm
I am right in thinking it was either his Grandfather or his Father who founded the Blackheath Club where you used to sail on.

It was Phil's Grandad, Cecil who was a co founder of the Blackheath club in 1928 followed by son Ralph and now our own Phil. A bit of the history and some photos were published in an article by myself in the 2011 Model Boats Autumn Special. (And when I was there it rained just as much as it is raining now!)

Title: Re: introduction
Post by: dickylew on July 15, 2012, 09:08:26 pm
Hi and thank you for replying.

Yes I believe that pond at Blackheath has a fair bit of history, now im based in Kent dont get down that way very often.
I also enjoyed a trip to the model shop in Greenwich which was there for years but sadly now closed.

For a while i was a member of the medway model marine club at chatham, its my intention to rejoin when i get back to modelling.

The boat project i would like to atemp is to scrahch build a model, ive never done this before so great there are people who can advice me.
Im loking to try and build the Havengore, the boat that carried Whinston Churchills coffins and was involved in the d day landings.
I managed to get a copy of the plans of the original boat a few years back form the previous owner that i met at chatham dockyard so that will give me a good starting point, hope to be in a position to start modelling again at the end of the year.