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Title: Deans Marine YARRA Tug
Post by: barriew on October 09, 2012, 05:59:55 PM

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I have just received my Yarra kit from Deans Marine. I reserved this at the open day, and then went on holiday just as it was released so only received it today. I am very impressed with it so far. In common with all Deans kits, the smaller parts are contained in trays so they are easy to identify and don't get damaged as they can if just contained in bags.
The biggest weakness I found with previous Deans kits was that the instructions were not very good - being assembled from standard pages it seemed, rather than being specific to the kit. The Yarra instructions are specially written for the kit with lots of clear photos. There is also a CD of more photos to help with the construction.
The hull and superstructure mouldings appear to be blemish free with no thin spots.
I have another model to finish before I get round to this one, but will post a build log when I do start.