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Title: Motor Advice Dickie Tug.
Post by: Davenotdone on November 02, 2012, 12:17:06 PM
Hello everyone i am looking for advice on my model boat and the motor that goes inside it. Its a converted dickie tug with a 30mm three blade brass propeller and a 6v 5amp gel-cell battery. Recently i installed a Graupner 6v speed 400 motor which gave a good turn of speed that i would like to keep. Unfortunately it ran hot, i think the plastic motor mount softened, one of the motor mounting screws came undone and jammed the prop shaft coupler. The motor then obviously burnt out with a conclusive plume of smoke. Prior to it jamming it was running a little hot (you could just about touch it). I am using a Mtroniks 15 plug and play speed controller. Obviously water cooling would be difficult due to the position of the kort nosel. I dont mind altering / ripping out prop shafts, engine mounts etc. Any make and model of motor you could recommend for this boat would be appreciated. I would like a good turn of speed (similar to the Graupner speed 400 before it got hot), not to go down the cooling route and long running time of at least an hour. I do realise it is a tug shape hull and not a plaining hull.


Title: Re: Motor Advice Dickie Tug.
Post by: AlanT on November 02, 2012, 05:16:05 PM
I  used the standard motor/propshaft/prop in my converted Seaport and it works really well. I run it with 6Volt Lead Acid Battery, Mktronics 10 amp ESC, and Planet RX. Servo is one of the standard Hi-Tech. Great combination , runs for a very long time at good speed and the motor doesn't get hot or even warm. Some have said they found the setup noisy, but with good lubrication I find it OK.
I have three or four of the Graupner 400 units, both in Speed and Eco form, none of them run hot. I'm just installing one in a small Slipway Trent Lifeboat kit, but this will have a 7.2 Volt battery to give a little more  "go".....No water cooling is installed. I always secure my motors with a good two part epoxy, having learnt my lesson when one of the Graupner 600,s "came loose" in my Dark Class MTB.