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Title: Proxxon Tools (again)
Post by: Bryan Young on December 26, 2012, 06:07:54 pm
It looks like the repair and refurbishment of my presently broken Emco drill/mill unit could take awhile to get fixed up. But it’s a rather heavyweight type of thing that’s capable of doing stuff that I no longer need to do. Although it’s quite portable I feel the time has come to get a smaller and lighter unit.
I’ve been more than happy with my other Proxxon tools, but would like some feedback on the following….if anyone has experience with them.:-
The Compound table KT-70 combined with the Micromot drill stand MB 140/S.
I’ve eye-balled them in the past, but dismissed them as being a bit “lightweight” for the kind of modelling I used to do.
When I’ve completed the Admirals barge my modelling will be (almost certainly) confined to refurbishment and repair work… all the heavy” work has already been done.Any thoughts, please? Bryan Young.
Title: Re: Proxxon Tools (again)
Post by: Bryan Young on December 27, 2012, 07:36:03 pm
A massive contemplation day today.
Went down to my "local" model shop to inspect and possibly buy one of the Proxxon offerings that are advertised as "drill/mill" machines. They aren't. Beautiful as they are, they are drilling machines and not designed for milling. Fitting a compound table to a drill doesn't make it a milling thing. A mill needs to have an adjustable feed that locks. Simply moving the headstock up and down by hand is a no-no.
Proxxon do make a proper drill/mill....but it's both tiny and very expensive (over £400 with all the attachments you'll need) and the size of cutting tool it will accept is probably great for micro-modelling. Not for what I want it for. I need a chuck that will accept a cutting tool of
at least 8mm/10mm diameter.....a max of 6mm is too small. The compound table is also a bit on the small side. All beautifully made, that's for sure.
But after ages searching the web, I found an outfit selling the new and upgraded drive unit for the Unimat 4 lathe that doubles as the drive unit for my expired drill/mill.
So I've saved myself nearly £200. Now to await delivery! BY.