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Title: New old comer
Post by: GAZOU on December 31, 2012, 10:15:40 AM
 Hello ! URL=]([/URL]   
     I have meet many of you already & many of you did like to drink my "Clairette de Die". I use to participate in Warwick & Weymouth shows,  with my pink LOYAL (transformed in an original hotel) and a big supply boat : Edda FONN fitted with an hydraulic crane which is working like the real one ( production  GAV ). I am also the Administrator of a French forum , equivalent to Martin's one. For 7 years now, I organize a meeting , GAZOULAND ( located in Marçon , close to Tour), similar to Wicksteed Rally.  I am leaving in the contryside of La Rochelle , close to where they build a copy of the Hermione (1780) & not far away from "Roger in France". I wish to jump in your boat , and I shall tell you everything , you want to know  my crane and my directional propellers. Cheers.