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Title: Nexturn ?
Post by: Martin [Admin] on May 18, 2007, 08:08:38 PM

Via email to Mayhem...

Hi Martin,
                  I have just bought an old tug boat, called Nexturn.
 I think it is an old kit, Fibre glass hull, and ply wood superstructure.
 It was painted yellow and white, above the main deck,with a red and white funnel. Black and dark red hull.
 It requires a complete rebuild and repaint.
 Have you or any one know about this kit.
               I would like to get as much information about this model, or its origine if possible, photos of the kit.
           p.s.  I have just returned back to modeling after a thirty year rest.
                          Thanking you for any help.
                           Regards G. Winspear.