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Post by: regiment on February 02, 2014, 03:07:15 pm
have put my photos on photo bucket still to big for mayhem how do I down size them and to put them on mayhem   ASK  A  MEMBER AGAIN 
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Post by: Stavros on February 02, 2014, 03:13:41 pm
Photobucket will automatically resise them for you

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Title: Re: PHOTOS
Post by: Stavros on February 02, 2014, 03:18:27 pm
on the right of the image you will see 4 links to the pics it says LINKS TO SHARE THIS PHOTO.....HOVER OVER THE LOWEST LINK AND DOUBLE CLICK ON will say COPIED....then go to the post you are doing on Mayhem...right click and PASTE into text..............this will AUTOMATICALLY resise the picture and it will appear like the one on my post above
Title: Re: PHOTOS
Post by: Stavros on February 02, 2014, 03:27:14 pm
Another way is look at your library of pics.............
Step 1 Hover over the pic you will see get links
Step2 Click on get links
step3 Click on IMG link ..........this will say COPIED
step4 go into Mayhem post
step5 right click where you want the image and simply PASTE it in.......
step 5 finish post and post on mayhem
step6 have a coffe or tea
It is as simple as that NO NEED TO RESISE it will be done for you.................thats why I use it so so simple
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Post by: Steven.T on February 02, 2014, 03:39:40 pm
It depends what size you have it set to in the settings on Photobucket.
If you click the big orange upload button at the top, you will be redirected to another page. On that page, is a white box surrounded by a dashed line. At the top right hand corner of this box, is a little cog for your settings, click on it.
Another little box will drop down, make sure the 800x600 option is ticked. Click save and then upload your picture.

Once it has uploaded, click on the photo, and it will come up with a bigger one.
To the right is a box with a load of links. We want the bottom one, with the word IMG to the left. Clicking the link, the box will turn yellow and say "copied". Now simply paste the link into a reply box on the forum, and, tad-ah!

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You have to post the message before the photo appears, it stays as a link whilst you write your post!
Hope this helps,

Title: Re: PHOTOS
Post by: Martin [Admin] on February 02, 2014, 03:52:08 pm
Does this help?,2277.msg108900.html#msg108900